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Which branch of the military is the most safe?

In terms of not getting injured/killed

Also, what's the difference between the coast guard and national guard?

P.s. Which branch focuses the least amount on endurance? I'm more of a strength/explosive type that does not last long running. I can hold my own, but i'd rather not do as much cardio



I asked you a question and expected an answer, not an opinion. You must have high analytical skills based on your opinion of my "incompetence."

It's sad trying to find some military advice because of my naivety and only getting an egotistical response. I swear to god I can strive to be better than you and all that you're worth.

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  • Seth
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    8 years ago
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    Let me give you some advice...if you're asking questions like this, you shouldn't be in the military at all.

    To answer your question, though, none of them are more "safe." Some people will tell you that branches like Air Force or Navy are safer. That is simply not true. The fact is that all branches of the military have the same objectives. Period. The difference between the national guard and the coast guard that the national guard is a state military that can be called up by the President in case of emergency. They are employed by their Governor, but are an entity that can be used by the federal government. The Coast Guard is a Department of Justice entity. They are a Maritime Law Enforcement Agency, NOT military. They focus on law enforcement and search and rescue. Also, all branches of the military have the same minimum fitness standards. The Air Force and Navy's fitness tests used to be easier, but due to scrutiny from other branches, over the past 5 years or so, they have raised the bar for their fitness standards.

    I would highly suggest that you do not join the military. The fact that you're asking this question says to me that you do not have what it takes. Every branch of the military has core values. The core values include things like "service before self" which means that you constantly strive to make your service in the military first priority, and place you own personal needs on a backburner. Another core value is "exellence in all you do" which means that no matter what the circumstances, you strive to be the best at all costs. The fact that you're asking a question that already shows you want nothing more than to meet the minimum standards says that you're not willing to commit to either core value.

    Do your country and your military members a favor, and stay away from the military.


    Staff Sergeant Brown.

    EDIT - The fact that these people "poke fun" isn't any kind of proof whatsoever that they are any better at all. When I was in basic training we made fun of the Navy every single day, that doesn't make them inferior. I'm in the Air Force right now, and was in the Army for 3 years. If I had to recommend a branch to be in, it would be Air Force, but that in no way means that it's "easier." OP, I'm sorry if I offended you. I did answer your question honestly, though. Sorry for injecting my own opinion. But I can tell you from experience in two different branches that one is no more difficult than the other. They are all controlled by the Department of Defense, and the standards for duty and fitness are regulated by said agency. Don't listen to people who are married to military members, or have friends in the military. My wife has no clue what I do, and has no clue as to how the military operates. It's not because she's stupid, it's because she's not in th military. You also can't trust anyone's opinion who's been in the military for fifteen minutes either. I thought I knew a thing or two about it, and I was dead wrong. Trust me. Once again, I apologize for being an asshole earlier. I have issues with being too passionate.

    @fiona - I've been in the military for eight years. Joined the Army in 2004 and switched to Air Force in 2007. My pretend knowledge? You've just said yourself that your PARTNER was in the Navy. Not you. Let me ask you something...what are these "aptitude tests" called? Because, I don't believe you. And how long has your partner been out of the military? Because no branch is the same as it was any more than about five years ago. Go out and buy a copy of Military Times. Educate yourself, because although there are clear lines between branches as far as what they do, there are few differences between fitness standards, and NO difference between big picture mission objectives.

    Source(s): EDIT - Anyone who says that one branch is harder, easier, safer, or more dangerous is a fool. Period. They are narrow minded and obviously have no idea what other branches do, and do not keep up with military news. Ignore them.
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    Air Force. That was the easiest question ever.

    Life isn't paradise but it's far better than those of the other branches. Also, a lot of careers in the Air Force are in demand on the outside when you choose to get out. For these reasons the other branches are jealous and call us in the Air Force lazy or "chair force" but in all honesty we serve at least as great a purpose as the other branches (and in many ways a greater purpose).

    Many people are saying Coast Guard (which is extremely dangerous, I have two friends in the Coast Guard) and the National Guard (I have a friend there too and she's been deployed more than I have in the Air Force) but I'm assuming they are uninformed.

    Do your research. Talk to people in each branch. Not just the recruiter or listening to stereotypes from the uninformed. Remember that life in the military will be difficult and you will deployed no matter the branch but take it from me: go Air Force. It was the best decision of my life hands down.

    Source(s): Airman... With friends in every branch.
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Air Force=safest. Hey Seth, don't assume people don't know what they're talking about. Guess ur the kind of guy who thinks all women should stay in the kitchen. . . . Just because the chick said her guy was in the navy doesn't mean she never was in the forces-u simply assumed that. And those aptitude tests? I don't know what they're called but I know they exist cuz I heard other service guys talking about them. They're some kind of mental toughness test for dudes that have to spend extended periods at sea or under it in enclosed environments-so that shows how much u know. If u tried to be less of a jerk that would really help

  • 8 years ago

    Ignore Seth and his pretend knowledge. I for one am not convinced he is even in the military because if he were he would know that there is a clear line between the air force and other branches. My partner was in the navy for 17 years and he too believes that it is the most physically and mentally difficult of the non-special forces branches. Also, in the navy you must take special aptitude tests that are not required for other branches. I would not belittle any service branch but user richard is telling the truth because army and navy DO poke fun at air force for being the easiest of the forces

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  • 8 years ago

    National guard defends home soil, coast guard guards the coast. Air Force is a walk in the park and the least dangerous- that's why those of us who have been in, ahem, 'proper' branches of the military make fun of them. Hardest of the main force branches? Navy. Trust me. Or ask anyone who has been in the navy.

  • 8 years ago

    Air force for both of that, but if you want somthin else the next closest would be the Navy, im gunna join the air force

    Source(s): Me
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    THe salvation Army

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    the people that said airforce are retarded that is one of the most dangerous.

    National guard or coast guard is safest

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