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Arizona pet deposits?

Before moving into our apartment, we understood that there would be no monthly pet rent and no pet deposit. However, we adopted a dog and were later informed that we had to pay a $300 pet deposit as well as monthly pet rent. We were able to avoid the pet rent as there is nothing about that in our rental agreement, but we were told after the fact that the pet deposit was nonrefundable. In our rental agreement it does say "$300.00 minimum assessment for bringing an unauthorized pet on the property" but it does not say it is nonrefundable. The receipt we got also states "Pet deposit" but nothing about nonrefundable or what it is used for. In the Arizona Landlord and Tenant Act under Landlord Obligations is specifically states, "B. The purpose of all nonrefundable fees or deposits shall be stated in writing by the landlord. Any fee or deposit not designated as nonrefundable shall be refundable." We were planning to approach them on this after we moved out but due to various reasons we needed to return the dog to the group through which we adopted him. My question is, should we approach them now? And under these circumstances, are we entitled to have our deposit returned?

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    An assessment is a fine, it is not refundable. This was not a deposit, it was a fine for bringing in an animal that is no on the lease. Of course no monthly rent was on the lease, your lease did not state you could have a dog.

    Get permission, in writing, before ever bringing an animal onto property that you do not personally own.

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    "$300.00 minimum assessment for bringing an unauthorized pet on the property"

    Definition of Assessment - an official valuation of property for the purpose of levying a tax; an assigned value.

    Since the receipt you received states that the money you gave was a "Pet Deposit' it should be refundable.

    FYI, a Pet Deposit cannot be used for damages caused by a human.

    Source(s): Property Manager in California since 2002
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    An assessment (the wording from your rental agreement) is non-refundable. The word itself is the issue there; it doesn't say depsoit (refundable or otherwise), it says "assessment." Go ahead and look it up, that word implies that the money is non-refundable.


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    one in all those letter would be ineffective on your subject. Landlords ARE required to make lodging for REQUIRED animals, alongside with a seeing-eye canines, yet that's the place it ends. are you able to think of what proportion folk might produce such letters in the event that they actually labored ?

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