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Csec Scar tissue thickness?

I have had now 4 pregnancies my first in 08' I miscarried one month later I got preg with my oldest daughter in 09' who was born via ER csec after 23 hours of labor, I had my youngest daughter 11' ER Csec with a uterine rupture which thank god we both made it ok. now 7months later after my youngest was born am preg again unexpectedly I'm now 6months pregnant I'm concerned about rupturing again I went to the Dr 2weeks ago and they did and ultrasound and the scar was measuring 1.2cm and I went yesterday 5/14 and the scar is now measuring .42cm its thinning very quickly and I'm scared. My question is how thin can the scar get safely before I rupture again? Please helpful answers only! Thanks!


The problem is, is that the scar on my uterus itself is thinning and Im currently pregnant and I have a couple of months to go and I don't know how thin my uterus scar can get before I rupture again.

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    If as you say the scar is getting smaller then it is healing and less likely to rupture. I have many scars on my body from operations to lessen the scar I use a cocoa butter that is thick like a lip stick would be. If you can find one with the cocoa butter and shea butter it may heal even faster.

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