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Why is there Corruption on Poor Countries ?

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    This is probably the funniest question I've seen on yahoo answers so far.

    This is because rich countries make you think that 'poor' countries are corrupt, yet in reality corruption is everywhere. The enormous power of the media dictates pretty much your view on how 'corrupt' a country is. Corruption is not something that is able to get rid of, it is, however, something that is able to be diminished if there are enough intelligent people to break out of that brainwashed propaganda to see through the lies.

    However, it is also important to remember that in 'poor' countries, the governments are usually not that great and are still in the process of developing. And during this process, corruption can easily take place as their are always going to be people of preconventional morality that take advantage of these fragile situations. Yet, there are many people of pre conventional morality in well developed or seemingly 'rich countries'. Arguably, corruption may even occur more in more well off countries but instead it is all behind closed doors and is not that visible.

    'Mercer' makes a really good point. Money and knowledge is power. In unbalanced societies with a wide spectrum of social status, it is very easy for those with 'power' to take advantage of the poor. This makes an unfortunate situation as it makes it even harder for the poor to advance forward while the rich continue to get richer. Greed is a human instinct. It is not possible to abolish it fully from any society. But it is possible to diminish it if there are enough people that stand up for equality.

    Question authority and never believe everything you see.

    Think for yourself, and never think the way your government wants you to.

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    Because it is easy for those in charge to take advantage of the poor. There is not very many to stand up and stop them most times. Sometimes those in charge abuse the power that they have over others, that is the main reason there is corruption.

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    For the same reason the country is poor, the rich and powerful take it all, leaving nothing for the rest of the nation.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Because being poor sucks!

    Source(s): I have holes in mah socks!!!
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