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今天去跟公司的主管去銀行談額度相關問題,結果後來銀行的人問我說那後面的"May Day"(英文發音音似)是由公司的誰來簽署。請問下這句話的意思跟英文單字是什麼及什麼意思啊??



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    Hey there,

    "Mayday" is a word that is more commonly used in the seas or aerial transportation, when one is facing a dangerous situation, such as the destruction of the ship of the plane.

    "Mayday" is a word of French origin, meaning "help me", and from your perspective, I have to say that the person who said it probably was in a really stressful/dangerous situation, and needed help. Additionally, he had probably misunderstood the word usage.

    Hope that helped.

    Winnie Wang

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    "May Day"中間又空一格又大寫!天ㄚ!


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    mandate 委任授權

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