Getting to是什麼意思?


Getting to know you.


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  • 8 years ago
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    A:「(I am) Getting to know you.」中文譯〉我漸漸的(能)了解你。 へへへへへへへへへへへへへへへへへへへへへへへへへへへへget vi. 釋義-1〉有可能, 有機會[+to-v] 例1. He never gets to go to school. 他從無機會上學。 例2. How can I get to see him? (我怎麼樣才能看他?) (どうしたら彼に会えますか。)getting better (ph.) 漸漸的更好

    Source(s): 自己+書籍
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