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What kind of permits do i need?

I'm trying to open my own recycling center in stanislaus county, and Im confused about what kind of permits I need

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  • Tom Z
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    8 years ago
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    Best to contact Stanislaus county directly. For starters you are going to have contact the Department of Planning and Community Development regarding the zoning of the particular location where you plan to site your recycling center. They can be reached at 209-525-6330. Then if your recycling center involves renovating an existing building or construction of a new building your going to need a building permit your going to need to talk to the Building Permits Division. They regulate new building construction, inspecting existing buildings, and administer the Uniform Building Code. Call them at 209-525-6557.

    Depending upon what you are recycling you might even need state permits.

    Good luck this project might be quite a journey.

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