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how long my boyfriend would wait to have sex before cheating ?

I know this seems a little childish and stupid, but I honestly want to know if his Love for me is real.

We started off as sex buddys (my idea) he really liked me though because I am a girl that takes care of business, but I also have needs. But anywho, I ended up agreeing to be his gf. We had already had sex before entering into a commited relationship, got tested already and everything. So now my curiousity is eating me up, and it doesn't help that i've been reading this book call ACT LIKE A LADY THINK LIKE A MAN ..... I just want to stop having sex for one month exactly, work on our problems, be able to tell myself our relationship just isn't about sex, and know in my heart that he wouldn't cheat on me. It's going to be hard too, because I am absolutely sexually attracted to him. Is this a waste of time ? Should I see or just go about our business and continue having sex once a week like we have been ? ALL opinions welcome, and thanks in advance

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    Sheila, you are one smart cookie and yes, you do tcb. Excellent idea. See what there is between you when sex is off the table. If he really wants to be your bf, he should be on board. You can develop more intimacy by getting to know the core of a person and the excitement and anticipation of sex will continue to grow. It should improve both your relationship and your sex life. Good luck.

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    once a week???? thats terrible ---- but to answer the question if he truly cares then he will wait forever and never cheat ---- if you have doubts then you are already in trouble because you dont trust him ---- back to my exclamation ---- only once a week??? is the sex that bad??? ---- no ifs when im with a lady its a lot more than once a week and im a lot older ---- please dont say you dont get the change if you really want something you make your own chances ---- have fun

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    dont stress him out too much about it or he will

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