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What were some good antennas for the analog TV spectrum?

Simple enough of a question, but I prefer it to be indoor, or can at least fit indoors.

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  • khalil
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    9 years ago
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    good tv reception possible when tv antenna is in the line of sight of tower.you may receive a good signal in a street but on a high roof not WHY ? on street you see tower but on the roof you can not because of a taller building in the path of LOS .

    if you are on upper floors and have a window in LOS , you may use an indoor antenna......if not go to the roof and locate a point in LOS then install a uhf antenna .

    email me if you have any question .

  • Gordon
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    9 years ago

    Um, that depends.

    Go to Antennaweb.org or TVfool.com and find out how far you are from the TV stations. If you are not too far (12 miles, line of sight) then a simple bowtie will work. Seriously, this is my antenna: http://myplace.frontier.com/~g_reeder/Content/DTV_...

    There are other antennas that work for if you are in the fringe areas. Note that walls and roofs will reduce the signal level, so try to receive through a window or place the antenna to limit the number of walls between you and the transmitters.

  • 9 years ago

    Why some good antennas for analog TV, when almost all TV stations in the US and many foreign countries have long conveted to the digital format (DTV)?

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