Does europe have a higher percentage amongst its population, working for the Government, than the usa ?

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    9 years ago
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    USA - 8%: Federal, State, Local, Military, Post Office Etc. (unemployment = 8.1%) {9 military personnel per 1,000 citizens}

    Greece - 33.3%: One out of 3 are employed by the Government. (21.7% unemployment) {43 military personnel per 1,000 citizens}

    France - 20%: 1 in 5. (13.1 % unemployed) {7.3 military personnel per 1,000 citizens}

    Just tossed the Un-Employment figures in, well, I'm not sure why... Just thought it was Interesting that the U.E. rates seem to correspond to the amount of Government workers they hire. It is kind of odd, yet makes me ask why?

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    If europe has a higher percentage of its population working for the Government, then the services there would be of better quality, and more widely available (within europe).

    I asked this, because im sick and tired of being labeled a bum by the right wing retards here in the usa, whenever I need services of some kind.

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