Should I go to Oakland University or Madonna University?

I want to study media arts, Communications and film but I don't know which school I should attend. I had plan on going to Wayne State University but my cousin who recently passed told my parents that Wayne state only paid attention to the top elite students, She used to teach there. She also told them that it probably won't be the best school for me. I looked at CMU, University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan and MSU but they too for to travel. I am 26 and still live at home since I can't really afford my apartment in this economy. Which school is the better choice


My fault I forget to mention where I live. I live in Farmington Hills which is located in Oakland County

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    Since you mentioned it. Wayne state university has the best reputation out of the three you mentioned. It is well known in michigan and in the midwest.. it is a large research university and it is normal not to get the one on one attention you may want. Madonna is a good school and so in oakland university. oakland will be cheaper since it is a state university and you will pay in state tuition .. madonna is private christian school but can offer you number of scholarships that can help cover the tuition. I would say apply for both and see which one will give you a better financial aid package and go there. which one is close to your home? if you live in wayne county.. oakland university is a long drive and you will be scrapping for gas money and transportation costs (including more tear and wear on your car). If you live in oakland the same can be said about madonna and wayne state.

    Eastern michigan will be closer to you than oakland university if you live in wayne county... you did not say what city/county you live in. from canton to oakland university it is a good hour and a half drive if not more depending on traffic especially on the I75.

    Madonna's tuition is not that bad at all considering it is private .. around 14K a year with financial aid / loand you can cover that easily... it is one of teh cheapest private college tuitions I have seen in a long time. compared to lawrence tech / concordia / hope and other private colleges in michigan the tuition is a bargain. But you have to mention where you live so I can give you a better response

    UPDATE. if you live in farmington hills then I would look into wayne state university (oakland campus it is close to where you live) they have a campus close to dont have to drive all the way to detroit and it is a smaller campus and you will get the one on one attention you want. also look into baker college (good school and they have a campus around you - as well as all over michigan) I can also suggest madonna but it will be a long drive - more gas. choose the cheapest/closest college to you :) SO apply to all four of them Wayne state / oakland / Madonna and baker Go to the one that will give you the best financial aid package. If you really wanna save money go to oakland community college ( there is one in your city) do two years of media arts / film and transfer to one of those four for the remaining two years. community colleges are CHEAP - you get one on one attention .. and you can knock off your elective / basics there before transferring > to me this seems like the best route you can take... after you do so and you come out with stellar GPA you can easily get scholarships at any college you decide to go to. This is what I did.. went to henry ford community college (dirt cheap and no loans taken out just pell grants) for two years then transferred to wayne state.. saved me a lot of money.

    Source(s): best choices baker/wayne state oakland campus / madonna / oakland community college / school craft college in livonia .. depending on your finances you choose how to start your first two years...
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    Madonna University Tuition

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    I work for Madonna University and am also an alumni, we have a top notch program in Broadcast and Cinema Arts and our Journalism/PR department is awesome, too. If you want to come here for a visit, see our studio and talk with some folks shoot me an email at and I will get you in touch with the right people. Also, I can say that you will get one-on-one attention here, like this response. Have a great day!



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    Maybe that is right

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