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Where can I buy my summer wedding dress 2012 for my beach-themed wedding in July? I'd like it to be under $150?

I don't want too complicated dress. Simple, pure white, deep v-neck, above all, suitable for a beach wedding. And also I cannot afford an expensive dress that costs thousands of bucks.

Could someone find me such kind of summer wedding dresses? Much appreciated.

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    Hi, beach themed wedding is really a good idea. I attended three beach weddings last summer. You are also on the right way to choosing a summer wedding dress. You know they are different from church wedding dresses, no ball gown, no lengthy trains.

    I've found three wedding dresses that are under $150, according to your requirements.


    This one is very sexy with the deep v-neck design. You can wear a delicate braid hairstyle.


    The train can be customized if you think it is not convenient when you need to walk around very often at the reception.


    I personally love this dress best. It is gorgeous, beautiful and elegant, all kinds of nice words can describe it. Believe me, with this dress, your dream in the perfect wedding will come true.

    All of the three wedding dresses are under $150, which you can afford. And it may take 13-33 days to receive after you place the order. So if you really love one of them, just hurry up.

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    You can definitely find a fantastic dress at that price, as long as you don't order from the US. Bridal shops in the US import nearly everything from China, and inflate the price ridiculously by the time it gets here (after going through several distributors). They will charge you for shipping, sizing, fitting, even cleaning and storage. The price tag you see at a bridal store is not even close to what they will end up charging you. Use these stores to try on gowns to see what you like, then order direct from China.

    The gowns you see in places like David's Bridal will go for less than $200 online, especially if you know where to look. The quality is great, the shipping is cheap, and they will almost always custom make it in your size for no extra charge. The most-recommended sites are:

    April Bridal (ebay ID: jeffliu8000)

    Most of these sites allow users to rate and comment on their individual dresses, whereas with bridal shops there is often no way for you to know if others have had a bad experience with them. They know you're not going to be a repeat customer, and most will try to take advantage of that. Buying direct from China allows you to see what you'll be getting and what you should expect before you make a purchase. The gowns on these sites would be sold for $1000-$2000 in a typical US store.

    Another resource is the forum of the book I got all this info from:

    As a fellow bride, I hope this helps!

    Source(s): This is all coming from the book "Bridal Bargains" by Denis & Alan Fields. It's on Amazon and I would highly recommend it. My fiance and I are both military and can't afford much, but books like this made me realize we could afford a nice wedding.
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    Davids bridal, Ebay, Craigslist

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    Consignment shops, Goodwill. I only buy new things with tags on them at Goodwill. I saw beautiful wedding gowns dirt cheap. It will cost you more have it cleaned than it cost. They are only worn once. You can then take it to the consignment shop and sell it and get your cleaning expense back. Like getting a free wedding dress. My sister and her husband bought evening wear for a luxury cruise. Tucks, shirts, evening gown. His cuff links cost more than the tuxedo that he bought at a consignment store. You will be surprised! Jo Ann

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    With only $150 to spend you should look into second-hand shops. It would be crazy to find a dress for that cheap. Prom dresses cost 3x as much.

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    DEFINETLEY DO NOT BUY YOUR WEDDING DRESS ONLINE! A lot of shopping online websites are scams, so you have to do hardcore research before you look in to it. In addition, go to David's Bridal. You'll find a cheap dress and have the whole experience of trying it on before you buy it!

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    I was looking for a wedding dress and came across that website, it has TONS of beautiful dresses. I was sketchy about ordering my wedding dress from there but it was perfect. My bridesmaids also ordered from that website.

    Most dresses have reviews from people who have bought them.

    Hope it helps and congratulations on your wedding!

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    For that cheap, I'd definitely say David's bridal. Or search on amazon or ebay or for sites that have vintage or only used once wedding dresses.

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    You're not going to find a wedding dress that is in fashion at a thrift store, and most of the dresses on ebay come from China - which is great if you can hang with all that that entails - I would encourage you to look at Macy's or Nordstrom or the like: :Ns-:Nao-0:ps-24:pn-1:Ntt-:Nf-:action-guided navigation&topDim=Categories&topDimvalue=bridal&dimCombo=Categories&dimComboVal=bridal¤tDim=Categories¤tDimVal=bridal&searchCount=702&sortType=Featured&catId=SearchResults

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    Try ebay. There are very nice clothes for reasonable prices.

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