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Is Environmental Engineering a cop-out?

I am going to a top engineering school in the fall, and I really want to make a difference in the world. I want my name to be remembered, I want to truly leave the world a better place than I found it. Will Environmental Engineering help me do this? Or would something like Electrical or Civil or Mechanical? I don't want to do chemical or biomedical and I am opposed to nuclear for personal reasons. I would do aerospace also. Would Physics be a good major? I love reading the works of Hawking and I am very interested in Physics, granted my knowledge in it is very limited. But if I am interested, than it will be easy because I want to learn it. What do you, the Yahoo Community, think I should do?

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    I became a engineer because in drafting class, I was the only one who did foundation details.

    I became a electrical engineer because a Aced that part of high school physics.

    I became a power engineer because we had nice labs with equipment that worked.

    Environmental is a mixed degree, mainly mechanical, with a little electrical (controls) and chemical engineering mixed in. Engineering pays better than physics. Most working physicists have a BS in EE and a PHD in physics. You will not know until you start quantum mechanics in your third year. Quantum Mechanics gave me a headache. As you know, everyone takes the same courses the first two years, calculus, physics, a little chemistry. Then they let you take the real courses. You can change your major painlessly until then.

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    My B.S. is in Environmental Engineering. by no potential served an afternoon in that container contained in the military in spite of the indisputable fact that. i began, as an Officer, in container Artillery, Chemical and now Logistics. There are in spite of the indisputable fact that Environmental Engineer positions in each and every branch. operating both Engineering and Environmental well being / Hygiene.

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