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Vania King, Varvara Lepchenko or Venus Williams?

Who gets the last US spot for the Olympics? Do you think they should decide it entirely on rankings or give Venus the nod for being a legend and acquiring a tough illness?

BQ: The French have a term called "belle chaude" which really doesn't have an English equivalent. It means something like "beautiful because she is ugly." Which doesn't make sense until you find yourself attracted to an ugly person. Who on the ATP/WTA is belle chaude to you? For me, it was always Myskina. She wasn't very hot...but I found her irresistible.

BQ2: How tall will Maria Sharapova's grandchildren be?


Verminator, You're totally correct. The expression I am thinking of is "belle laide."

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    Well actually, since they are all slightly above the cutoff, two of the girls will get the chance to make it since 4 girls from a country can make it, under the cutoff (the other two, Serena and McHale have pretty much secured their spots). King is 58, Lepchenko is 59 and Venus is 63, so it is a tight, tight race. I think Venus will definitely get the points necessary. Especially because she did not compete at this time last year, thus has no points to defend..So if she makes it to the third or fourth round of the French Open, she will get a ton of points, and since Lepchenko has never been to the third or fourth round of a slam, it's safe to say she won't start now. However Vania made it to the third round of the French last year, and Varvara made it to the it's kind of a toss up...Call me crazy, but I'm going to give the last spot to Lepchenko, just because Vania will be going regardless for doubles, so maybe she will be a lady and offer her spot to Lepchenko no matter what, because she is going for doubles.

    BQ: Does that mean like unconventionally beautiful? If so, I'm going with Aravane Rezai! Because even though she is a little chunky, and not traditionally "hot", there is something like mysterious with her and her eyes, that even though she will be dressed in the tackiest outfits, I am attracted to her.

    BQ2: probably 6'0+ ..because her man is big too

  • 9 years ago

    Venus will probably get it but King deserves it.

    BQ: I thought Belle means beautiful and chaude means hot. I guess it's one of those phrases where the words don't make sense but they do as a phrase. Del Potro and Kvitova (but I don't really think they are ugly).

    BQ2: 132cm

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Fairly speaking, it should go to one of the younger ones like King and Lepchenko, but I think it will go to Venus since she has a better chance of going farther into the draw, especially on grass where she thrives on.

    BQ: Aravane Rezai

    BQ2: I would reckon they would be 6' 0"

  • Paul
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    I guess I wouldn't be so upset if Venus were to get the last spot, but at the same time, it should go to someone who's earned it. That would be a little unfair to them.

    BQ: Not sure really. But for some reason i like Pavlyuchenkova. she's kinda cute :).. But i know what you mean also.

    BQ2: Giants.. 6'9", 7'1" respectively :)

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  • 9 years ago

    I think Venus will probably get it but I don't think she should. It should be someone younger. King is probably the fairest choice.

    BQ: Hmm, I don't really fancy any non-beautiful players. I like some (e.g Bartoli) but I don't fancy them.

    BQ2: 5' 6" ironically.

  • gardy
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

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