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Ace combat 6 or assault horizon?

Assault horizon looked pretty cool but the demo doesn't feel the same as the ace combat 6's. Which one has more features, planes, most fun, ect.

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    Ace Combat 6 is same old same old kind of stuff, it has a well amount of planes and takes place in Strangereal (AC world). Combat is normal, though story runs by your ally like it does AC5. Ammo is high because you have multiple mission in each area, allowing both air to air and combat wide, but in the end it is repeat and repeat. Missiles are less accurate in this game, and cause smoke blind, which is not good when you are doing a tunnel run or in a clased in area like high amount of mountains. The main enemy has rediculous skill, will not able to kill them unless you call the entire squadrons to protect your butt or aim at them. Also the high G turns lock on some planes, if not careful you plane will stall in a G turn and will plummet to the earth and their is nothing you can do about it. ALso everything is just about Dance with the Angels this and Dance with the Angels that. Gets very annoying. Though the enemy team is very cool at times Music also bland and blends in background, only one song stands out but it takes about 10 min to get to the good part of the song.

    But still combat is Fair, Area is big, has some well rounded stuff. and is strong to a point.

    Ace Combat Assault Horizon, is a bit different from all the Ace Combat games. It does not take place in Strangereal but takes place in Earth, and for the first time you know who you are piloting. Is this bad is this good that is up to you The game adds many unique features into the game that makes it a lot more interesting but a lot more faulty then the Ace Combats before it. FIrst up is the DFM (Dog Fight Mode) and ASM(Air to Surface Mode) these are special things that turn the game a bit different. DFM allows you to go head to head to a enemy allowing close combat, and a beatiful destruction to the planes. Makes it easier to take out a target. ASM is a support help that allows you to take out surface enemy better. Both are great concepts but slightly flawed. DFM is heavily used in the game, though you can take out 80% of the enemies with out it, you be using it all the time. Guns have been altered as well, if not in DFM the gun won't direct and will stay in center unlike the other games, so out of DFM guns are useless unless you fight stationary targets. As well as makes the game pretty scripted, making you have to wait to take out a target, (you can punch a thousand bullets into a enemy, you can turn the engines into swiss cheese, rip his stabilizers and wings, and blow many missiles and the enemy won't die until a scene happens. ASM just turns it slightly more Rail Gunner a bit.

    Though don't get me wrong the game is incredible. Missile Glory return from AC6 allowing you to hit more often with out the Smoke Blinding effect, beautiful story maybe not as character developing as AC5 but is still one of the best, Incredible Graphics and Scenery . Better features like Plane Customization (want a Raspberry pink F-22 with a Neon green trim? You got it! A Black and Gold Su-35 that has missiles that shoot purple smoke? You got it!), a weoponry set, giving you more missiles, better menuevers, boosting weapon damage, better DFM lock in, etc. Also the highest assortment of weapons, from 4 kinds of Helecopters, 2 Types of Bombers, a Ground Support Hercules, and about 30 Jets to pick from.

    Ace Combat 6

    Graphics: 7/10 (average graphics)

    Gameplay: 6/10 (just gets annoying getting blinded by smoke, but hassle but has good objecti work)

    Online Gameplay: 5/10 (slightly stale compared to regular gameplay)

    Story: 4/10 (same old same old)

    Music 4 / 10 (bland very bland)

    Features 5/10 (nothing except buying new skins, and you even have to buy skins for other planes even though you unlock it)

    Overall 5.1 / 10 (with just 18 planes same story style, it just a bad try to remake a AC5, though even low rating it is still good to get into if you like as Objectives can bring some interest makes it feel like a real battle)

    Ace Combat Assault Horizon

    Graphics: 9 / 10 (some of the best graphics you see in any game)

    Gameplay 5 / 10 ( a lot better then AC6, but falls due to the DFM and ASM heavy use and scriptedness could been a 8 )

    Online Gameplay 8 / 10 (a whole lot better then AC6 and much more fun then the story mode one DFM and ASM makes online epic awesome and way better then the Campaign at times)

    Story : 7 / 10 (bring out change and has great meaning unlike most of the other AC games which was based on Character developement then story meaning)

    Music: 7 / 10 (has some annoying songs, but their are tons of good songs in it that gets your blood pumping and makes you want to fight better)

    Features: 9 / 10 (can't deny has the top most features in the game and is over great in it)

    Overall : 7.5 / 10 (really good has many flaws but a high amount of ups to make the game fun)

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    6 is MUCH better

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