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What has the United Nation done about the genocide in Darfur?

I would like to know a lot of details about what they have done (or what they didn't do) about the thousands of people being killed. Any info about U.N. activities connected to Darfur would be very appreciated. Thank You.

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    This is a civil war and the U.N. cannot do much to stop the tribal killing, For a while in 2010-11 relative peace was restored with U.N. peacekeeping forces. Now the rebels are again on the attack.

    The people of Darfur are caught in the fighting and are being used as pawns by both sides.

    Updated: April 30, 2012 from the NY TImes.

    Sudan has been at war with itself for almost its entire post-colonial history, starting in 1956. After decades of fighting for independence from the north, southern Sudan seceded on July 9, 2011, and became the Republic of South Sudan, six months after nearly 99 percent of the region’s voters approved the split in an internationally backed referendum.

    The south’s departure did not put an end to conflicts. Both nations face separatist movements within their own borders, and clashes along the new border have flared up regularly. There are ongoing disagreements over how to split lucrative oil revenues and the fate of the contested region of Abyei.

    Also, a spreading rebellion inside Sudan has prompted the Sudanese government to accuse the south of providing military support to the rebels.

    UPDATE 12 May 2012 from the Sudan Tribune.

    The United Nation Security Council endorsed earlier this month an African union resolution demanding Sudan, South Sudan, and SPLM-N rebels to resume talks within three months. However Khartoum refuses to hold talks with the SPLM-N as the later calls for comprehensive process including Darfur rebels.

    On the other hand the AU and the UN work on an initiative aiming to organise separate talks between Darfur rebels and Khartoum on the basis on the DDPD. But Darfur movements reject this idea and appeal for a new and inclusive peace operation.

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    The U.N. is a joke! They have done nothing to assist the people in Darfur and most likely never will. How any nation can stand by and do nothing is beyond me. But what do we expect the U.N. was caught-up in a food for profit scandal with the former President Saddam Hussein of Iraq. This was food that should have gone to places such as Darfur as well as other regions!! No one was ever charged in this matter.

    As to how a person or persons can lay their heads down at night knowing that they have lined their pockets with greed while people are literally dying from hunger I can't fathom, especially the children and the elderly. God is watching you U.N.!!!

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