Sons mom got child endangerment charges what will the punishment be in Ohio?

My sons mom was in kholes and she was stealing a pair of shoes with my son with her and got theft and child endangerment. I was wondering what kind of punishment she will get we're not together anymore.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Ohio is notorious for trying to take children away from single mothers without support. The child endangerment charge is just fraud on the part of the state. There IS no endangerment from shoplifting. If she were say robbing a store at gunpoint, well, then they would have cause. No, they are just trying to get custody of your son in order to eventually adopt him out and get kickbacks from the state. Yes, she was wrong to steal and you may be able to use that as a means to get custody for awhile. Clearly, she has some issues going on there that need to be sorted out. As far as the charges, shoplifting is usually a misdemeanor and involves a fine and maybe some restrictions or community service. It is not jail time for something as minor as sneakers.

  • 8 years ago

    any of the following

    electric chair,shot in the back,concentration camp etc.

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