How do I bypass Steam activation?

I bought a second hand game yesterday called Order of War and it requires activation using Steam, when I enter the CD key on the back of the game manual it says it's a duplicate key.

Does anyone know how to bypass this and make it so I can play the game without Steam?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Do you realize that Steam keeps track of the amount of time you try to enter invalid Cd-key and the combinations? Could end up hurting you when you contact Steam Support for other issues. They check that kinda stuff as a judge of character.

    Anyway, the disk you bought is pretty much useless. Plus that game is currently 10 bucks at Steam and $6.50 at Amazon.

    Not all games bought directly from Steam come with Cd-key. but if that game happens to have a Cd-key visible through Steam (No way to tell before hand though, unless you ask at the Steam Forum or something.) Then you could use that disk to install the game, after buying the game from Steam. In that a valid Cd-key should allow you to install from the disk, saving you about 10GB of download time. Other than that small possibility, the disk is of more use as a Clay pigeon or a coaster than an install disk.

    You'd be better off just getting your money back, though. And/or consider it a lesson learned.

  • Steam sucks

  • 9 years ago

    Get a pirated version...

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