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Another Samsung 830 ssd question...?

This one comes with a desktop kit and norton ghost 15. I'd like to know I should get the ssd with the desktop kit (this is my first ssd; will i need the kit?) or the one without it ($40 dollars cheaper). Thanks in advance!

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    It's only 128 gb, what are your intentions? Gaming? Some games are 100gb in size, where would you put the game? The Os will take up 40gb so basically, all you can do with SSD is play Spider Solitaire real fast.

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    i might advise the samsung 830, it is definitely effortless for its compatibility and it has respectable velocity. you need to purchase it with a computing gadget equipment to in large condition it in a three.5" tray. i might get the 128GB, bear in mind they unfastened velocity while they get crammed up and you definitely in common terms get to apply approximately 110GB usable area. it is pronounced which you dont replenish previous 90GB on the 128GB SSDs to preserve as plenty velocity as possible together as getting a sturdy volume of area. different sturdy SSDs are the essential M4, somewhat some human beings have the OCZ SSDs a sturdy funds one is the Agility 3 yet they have some undesirable comments so i might stick to samsung or intel yet intel are somewhat high priced in comparison with others at their velocity. i wish this facilitates

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