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Chemistry Review (Part I)?

Hello! I need some help reviewing Chemistry. These are questions that I got wrong on my first test and would need to clarify how to do them.

1. What is the hybridization of carbon occurs in NaC03?

a) sp b) sp2 c) sp3 d) sp3d

4. Which of the following hydrocarbons has two pi bonds?

a) C3H6 b) C4H6 c) C6H12 d) C7H14

5. How are the exponents in a rate law determined?

a) They are equal to one for gas phase reactants and zero for solid phase reactants.

b) They are determined by experimentation.

c) They are equal to the coefficients in the overall balanced chemical equation.

d) They are equal to the reactant reaction.

13. What is the minimum number of carbon atoms present in an acid?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

20. An aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide decomposes to oxygen and water according to the balanced chemical equation below:

2H202 (aq) ---- > 02(g) + 2H2) (l)

A) Express the rate in terms of changing H202 (aq), 02, and H20 (l)

B) If the rate of disappearance of hydrogen peroxide is -3.8 X 10^-5 M/s, what is the rate of formation of oxygen?

23. The rate constant of a decomposition reaction is 0.0456 hours^-1. If the initial concentration of reactant is 0.072M, what is the concentration of reactant after 27.0 hours?

24. For the first- order decomposition of N205 at a high temperature, determine the rate constant if the N205 concentration decreases from 0.88M to 0.32M in 175 seconds.

25. Given the initial rate data for the decomposition reaction.

A -- > B+C

determine the rate expression for the reaction.

[A], M --Delta[A]/Delta t M/s

Exp. # 1 0.0625 5.44 X 10^-7

Exp. # 2 0.0938 8.16 X 10^-7

Exp. # 3 0.125 1.09 X 10^-6

Your help is much appreciated! =)

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    yahoo is pretty explicit about having only ONE question at a time


    13 1 (formic acid)

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