is my overclock stable?

i7 2600k ~4.5 GHz

8gb ram 1333MHz

It passes...

50 runs of linx for over 2 hours, max temp ever reached on the hottest core was 81C, it stayed around 79C for the most part. The other cores were below 78 most of the time.

It also did 8 hours of prime95 in standard blend mode. temps never exceeded 76C in prime95.

In games, my temps never exceed 62 for the most part. In rendering I never get above 70C

Am I stable?

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    Well stable is a relative thing. If your PC isn't ever crashing due to overheating when you're using it how you intend to use it, then yeah, it is by definition stable.

    But those temps are getting high dude. I have a 2600k and I've run it at those sort of speeds and I never saw it get that hot. I'd be expecting mid 60s for hours of prime95 and maybe 30s-40s tops for games at those speeds. Hot CPUs are short lived CPUs. Look into a better cooler.

    Also, what voltage you running? Maybe if the voltage is higher than it needs to be you can bring it down a bit while retaining those clock speeds. That should reduce heat.

  • 9 years ago

    Oh my, its very hot.

    Although your cpu work stable, but you better check whats wrong with your build. I suspect either:

    1. Thermal paste were poorly distributed

    2. Your cpu fan / liquid cooler might not working

    If you are using standart heatsink from intel, you better use the auto turbo overclock on the motherboard instead oc yourself. Your standart clock already surpassed than what needed with current programs. But, its your pc, you can do whatever you want with it. All i can do is suggesting so your good cpu can last longer.

    In games, my X4-B55 oc to 4GHz never exceed 43C with only Deepcool Iceedge 300 ($15) in air conditioned room.

    A hot cpu are mostly shortlived.

  • 700_up
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    9 years ago

    Stable means different things to different people. For it to be stable it has to go through your daily tasks without crashing. It may pass 100 hours of lynx but still crash when you open a particular program, hence it would be unstable. It could fail after a half hour of lynx but if all you do us web browsing, it should be plenty stable. Tools like lynx should only be used to compare things like which ram is more stable or is my pc somewhat stable before I increase my overclock. The ultimate determining factor should be, does it run all of your software reliably. Stable for someone else may not be stable for you, out vice versa.

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