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Why did Disneyland California Adventure change?

There use to be a ride in the middle of the roller coasters that shot up and down and on the terrace wheel there use to be a sun and now it's a Mickey mouse. And the entrance had big letters saying California and it was different in the entrance. And where the train was there was a golden gate bridge. And now there's all these kids rides.

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    California Adventure changed because it wasn't a successful theme park as it was. Disney wants to be able to bill it as a stand-alone park, not as a secondary add-on to a Disneyland visit.

    One of the complaints was the off-the-shelf rides like the Maliboomer, the thing that shot up and down. Plus it had a very low guest-per-hour rate, and the more guests that can board an attraction in a hour means the more people they can get through the gate.

    Theming was another problem. Guests didn't warm to the idea of "California" being packaged in a theme park, they;d rather visit the real places. So they spent $1.1 billion dollars to re-do the theme of the entire park, changing it to look like Los Angles did when Walt arrived in the 1920's. Gone is the Sun icon/hubcap in the center of the park; gone is the Sun on the Sun Wheel (now rethemed as Mickey's Fun Wheel); gone are the large letters, world's largest tile mural, and the Golden Gate Bridge (all of which was supposed to look like a cheesy postcard) replaced with 1920's era buildings, an art deco entrance, and a replica of the Carthay Circle Theater where Snow White premiered.

    Not sure what you mean by "all these kids rides". The park has added a few attractions, but the only ones I can think of that might qualify as kids rides are Ariels Undersea Adventure and Toy Story Midway Mania, and perhaps the re-themed Mulholland Madness (now Goofy's Sky School). There's been nothing else kid-oriented added since Monster's Inc replaced Superstar Limo.

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    They're making improvements, because people have had a lot of negative things to say about the park. You're talking about the Maliboomer, which was removed because it was ugly and unnecessary. It's a stock amusement park ride, and had no place in a park that ought to have more creativity than that. It was also unnecessary since it's so similar to Tower of Terror. I support the decision to remove it.

    I'm fine with them changing the Sun Wheel to be Mickey's Fun Wheel. I'm guessing they were just trying to incorporate Disney characters how Mulholland Madness is now Goofy's Sky School. It seems a little silly that they keep changing things, but I don't think it really matters.

    They're adding kids rides because it's a family park and they need to add rides to keep people coming back. There's lots of people that want to visit this summer since Cars Land is about to open.

    It's all business...they need to do what they can to get people coming.

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  • 3 years ago

    DEFINATELY Disneyland! Disneyland has plenty to decide from! they have rides,video games,eating places,inns and inns interior reach (to no longer point out parades on holiday journeys and specific events) . that's plenty enjoyable! They even have all the Disney characters! yet California journey park has little or no rides and from what i've got heard from maximum of my friends who went there, would not have too plenty to grant...yet the two way they're quite close. yet i could propose Disneyland. ;)

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