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How would you react if your team lost a Test Match or a World Cup Final on the last ball of the match?

The climax to the EPL season had me wondering about this. Yes I know it's a different sport, but the match between Manchester United and Sunderland had just finished with United winning 1-0. At this stage Manchester City were losing 2-1 to Queens Park Rangers, one minute into four minutes of injury time, and as things stood, United would have been the champions. Then City scored two goals in the next two minutes of play to come from behind and win 3-2. This dramatic two goal swing was enough to win them the title on goal difference.

So, in relation to cricket, if your team lost an important match, which decided a cup or possession of the ICC mace, would you be more gutted than if it was an heavy defeat?

What if all results were possible off the final ball; win, loss, draw or tie? What would you think? What if it was your main rivals? In answering this, which defeat do you remember as being the hardest for you to ever take and why?

Answers community, what is your say?

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    I would be a bit dissapointed, but realise it is just a game, it is not the be all and end all of life.

    The hardest defeat in cricket was the loss to India last test series in India where Johnson should have got Ojah's wicket with a plumb LBW but instead India won largely thanks to another good innings by Laxman.

    Another which was hard to take was when Australia lost to South Africa in the 434 v 438 ODI Match.

    Another was the Edgebaston test match in 2005 when Brett Lee and Kaspa had batted excellently to get Australia within one scoring shot of a victory that would have been enough to retain the Ashes. Then Flintoff got a wicket which showed on replay that it should not have been out. That hurt as an Australian supporter.

    A similar thing happened in the Rugby Union World Cup Final when Johnny Wilkinson kicked a point to win the final for England against Australia. I don't really follow Rugby, but watching England beat Australia in a final really sucked.

    It is always harder to take when it is close than when it is a smashing. It makes it even harder when the loss happens due to a poor umpiring decision.

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    I agree, the close fought matches are the ones that get you when your team goes down, but they're also the most memorable win or lose. My favourite series of all time was the 2005 ashes even though we lost.

    I don't like Australia losing to anyone of course, but getting beaten by England hurts particularly badly, especially in cricket or rugby! Half my Facebook friends are in England so bracing for the inevitable digs doesn't help either.

    Must say though, losing to you lot rankles, but it's always taken in a good spirited way by both sides (same as with my Kiwi and Safrican mates), guess there's a cultural gap between the Anglo and non-Anglo teams where pisstaking is mistaken for malice. Shame really.

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    Hate to see my team losing but its all more agonizing, if it happened off the last ball.

    After the match is over, one is gutted for sure. If it was a tournament, i.e. WC or any other, then reality dawns on you later. At least team came 2nd and oh wow ! what a close match!!

    I think India losing to Pakistan in Sharjah, when Miandad hit a 6 off the last ball, to win the tournament, was one of the biggest losses. From then onwards, equations b/w India & Pak changed. We couldn't win against them for a long while.

    Also heard commentary on radio, when only the 2nd ever Tied Test was played b/w India & Aus. We were headed for a win but Aus being Aus, they never give up, they pulled off a tie in the end. Which gutted us but later, when history of that match dawned on us, couldn't believe we were part of such big history, only 2nd ever Tied Test.

    Saw the Ashes match, where Lee & Kasporowicz brought Aus to the brink of a win but lost by 2 or 3 runs in the end. Flintoff's gesture of consoling Lee was also a great sight..

    Source(s): I am a Man U fan but feel happy for Man City, they deserved their win. Good to see different teams winning but 6-1 hammering handed early in the season gave an indication of things to come. It was great on the part of Man U to end up taking the lead, for a long while & City got just reward in the end, for a great season..
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    Technically, every single Test that didn't end in a draw was won and lost on the last ball of the match....

    I've seen a fair few close matches in my time. Win or lose, they were the most entertaining of all matches. I hope to see more of them.

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    Great Disappointment for sure. When there is something bad then it keeps ringing the bell of my mind after regular intervals of time. Then I used to make myself busy in something else. With passage of time things gets fader and fader whether they subject to joy or disappointment. My team (Indian team) is one of the top teams in the cricket. So luckily we have lot of pleasures and cheering moments too. Like winning world cups, beating Australia with one wicket in tests two years ago, chasing 325 in netwest series against England in England, Beating Pakistan on couple of great occasions. Human should keep reacting on good/bad moments to keep himself something different from Dead-bodies.

  • Surely, I"ll break the tv in such condition.LOL

    So close yet so far.

    Coincidentally today's match between Deccan and Punjab had a thrilling last over finish too.

    Youtube thumbnail

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    It would, I imagine, be difficult to take..especially being so close. I can certainly see it being worse than a heavy defeat just by the sheer fact of coming so close to the winning post.

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    8 years ago

    A lot of swearing,can kicking then a few stiff drinks to calm down,lol. Yeah,I remember old OZ chucking his set out the window when India lost the Sydney test.(OZ now calls himself MBTM)

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    I was very disappointed when after the match I was told that I am accused of ball tempering.

    I didn't temper with the ball. I was just a bit of hungry I ate the ball as I love eating cricket ball. Whats wrong in eating my favourite food. Anyways I love pork too and all we porkies love pork.

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    Disappointed, certainly, but it would have to have been a gripping and entertaining match to come down to the last ball.

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