HELP! I need someone that is really good with poetry and song lyrics! Please help!?

I have a project for my English 1 class. Its about poetry. I have to find 5 song and relate them with poetry. Here are the 5 songs i have chosen:

1. Part of me by Katy Perry

2. A thousand years by Christina Perri

3. The last night by Skillet

4. Smile by Uncle Kracker

5. Eyes open by Taylor Swift

the meanings i need to compare them by are:

mood, tone, theme, onomatopia, alliteration, lyric poetry, personification, metaphor, symbol, and simile.

i would really appreciate it if someone could help me. I really need to make a good grade on this.

thanks! :)

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    8 years ago
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    Well I can give you something about the last night.

    It's my favorite song and I love it a lot.

    Ok then, here we go.

    Mood - The song reflects the mood of depression which ultimately leads to suicide. The writer tries to make it clear by putting up a story of a girl depressed with her life, annoyed by her parents and thinks that she is of no use so she tries to commit suicide.

    Theme - The theme is obviously sadness and hope, she tries to commit suicide but is stopped by the writer who tells her she is special and that God is here with her, so shouldn't feel dejected cause she is special in her own way.

    Lyric Poetry- Well its not actually a lyric poetry but the meaning of the song personal and emotional.

    These are the literary terms that matched with the songs, I can't help with the others cause I haven't listened to them so much as the last night.

    Hope it helped some bit.

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  • 4 years ago

    One of my English profs discussed it and said the main difference is the way the meters are set up. Great poems often have intricately set up meters, with subtle changes that add to the meaning of the poems. The beats are controlled by the accents of the words. In music however, one can accent a syllable that may otherwise have not been accented, adding meaning to it with the music. The musician doesn't have to rely as much on the metric qualities of the words to make the rhythm flow. They can tweak it with music beats and by singing the emphasis wherever they'd like it to be. I think they're both equally impressive art forms, just achieved in different ways!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    hey! i just did a lyrical poetry project in english! i did the song "safe and sound" by taylor swift and i found 6 different poetic conventions!

    Source(s): me.
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