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Amazing finish Manchester City win has to be one of the greatest football moments in association history for the neutral it was 100% anticipation for Manchester City supporters it was madness and fury of passion, City and fans will be proud they deserve victory and trophy, yes some luck but it was needed. Augero was unbelievable, the team was in a dire situation, credit to Mark Hughes and QPR they played a fantastic game, barton was his typical self, and it was the changing factor, but three minutes to go, it looked bleak for manchester city.

Sunder land 0 Manchester United 1

as when the game was finished manchester city had 3 minutes to get back with 2 goals down as within a blink of an eye you could see Fergie in disbelief they thought like the whole team of the united brigade, looked into amazement as the signs were made city had won their match 3-2! Young looked as the camera from sky sports panned, rooney looked up at the sky and fergie waved to acknowledge of the demise of the situation.

In my opinion City deserved the Premier League Trophy and too beat manchester utd twice is also a epoch of distinction, mancini has saved his position and congrats too him and manchester city. The premier league has been saved also. amen.

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    Are you serious? Do you honestly think man c have the football skills to repeat another championship?

    Money can only take u so far.... Man c can't produce world class footballers. They can only buy good footballer.

    Go red devils™

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    first element to look at is the version interior the team. Thierry Henry has left Arsenal, which delivered down the morale of the team; interior the different direction, Eduardo Da Silva & Fabianski landed at Arsenal. Eduardo could be a sturdy purchase on the grounds that they do choose some high quality interior the strike stress, yet I doubt we are going to see a super number of Fabianski; pondering his green age as a goalkeeper. Chelsea made many purchases keepin their fee variety low; which contain Claudio Pizzaro, Malouda, Tal Ben Haim, & Steve Sidwell. Spending properly, sure. yet those adverse lads are in all probability endin' up as season long bench heaters. Liverpool nevertheless, recruited lotsa youthful gamers (under 20 of age), in all probability employing that as a training for the destiny reds. Lookin' on the main signings; Fernando Torres & Andriy Voronin the two being sturdy sufficient to swap Craig Bellamy. additionally, their modern purchase of Yossi Benayoun ..questionable i might say. Manchester United has gotten 3 abilities, Nani in all probability a alternative for Ryan Giggs; Hargreaves a first rate helpful midfield able to hold the ball nicely; whilst Anderson, a play maker with skills, possibly one for the destiny. in my opinion, Manchester United has made an 'insurance' via purchasin' gamers at sturdy age (no longer too youthful or too previous) to swap gamers like Giggs and Scholes while they get too rusty to accomplish, if techniques paintings out for the recent devils; Manchester United must be winnin' the identify back. even nevertheless, Liverpool additionally stands a huge gamble if Fernando Torres proves that he can excel interior the main well known league. we are going to easily ought to ascertain for ourselves to comprehend as quickly as the season starts off. ;)

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    8 years ago

    Get some cover for Yaya, Kompany and for whenever Balotelli goes mental, and we've got every chance of retaining our title.

    Our title.....whoa, that's going to take some getting used to!

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    8 years ago

    incredible day

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