i need david hockneys early life story, his art life, style of art and what exactly inspired him

thanks X3 X)

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    9 years ago
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    Have a look at 'David Hockney' by Peter Webb. It has a lot of his early life and family. Probably one of the best books on his early life. He was inspired by himself. He always knew he would be an artist. He never did anything else except to make money to buy paints and canvases. It has always been and still is his passion. He still has a sign he made at the Royal College. It says 'GET UP AND WORK'. He still does. Everyday without fail he draws or paints.

    Hie loved the work of Stanley Spencer in his early days. He was a pacifist and for a tie a vegetarian but he got I'll from not having enough protein. Of course Piccasso is the one who had most affect on him.

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    5 years ago


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