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Would John L in his prime have beaten Jim Corbett?

Although Corbett was a revolutionary fighter - the first man to consider movement and defense. I do believe that John L would have beaten him in his prime. For the following reasons....

1. John L lasted over 20 rounds against Corbett, when he was past his prime, overweight and HUNG OVER from drinking the night before.

2. It was a close fight up until the knockout.

3. The knockout was more exhaustion and old age than Corbett bringing the pain. (e.g. Holyfield-Toney)

4. Corbett was knocked out by middleweight brawler - Bob Fitzsimmons, surely John L is bigger, stronger and more ferocious in his prime than Bob?

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    You are right that it was nowhere near to prime John L. Sullivan that lost to Corbett. He was in his late thirties, an alcoholic, ballooned to around 220lbs (a lot considering that his prime fighting weight was 190lbs) and had not fought an official fight in years.

    It is impressive that he even lasted into the twenty first round in the condition he was in, he must have been a really tough man.

    In his prime John L. Sullivan had underrated stamina in my opinion he fought 75 rounds with Jake Kilrain and 39 with Charlie Mitchell. One thing that you could be sure of with John L. Sullivan is that he would fight to the end.

    Corbett outboxed punchers Bob Fitzsimmons and James J. Jefferies and then was knocked out by both of them. He was skillful for his time but he could be taken out and didn't exactly have devastating power.

    In a 20 round fight I think that the more technical Corbett may well outpoint the more crude John L. However in a 45 rounder, as was common in those days I think that Sullivan could outlast Corbett and take him out late.

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    John L would have beaten Corbett. Corbett was never much of a champion. He came up with a good idea, that none of the neanderthals of his time ever though of. However, that "dance" he called "defense" would not have served him well against a much stronger man because his "defense" really consisted of just stepping out of the way from an old, fat drunk, letting him swing himself silly, then knocking him out.

    A healther JL would have been able to hit Corbett. Jim wasn't really that fast. He just came up with an idea that no one else thought of. JL knew what he wanted to do but his fat, tired old body wouldn't allow him to do it.

    Prime Sullivan KOs Prime Corbett in round 14.

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    no longer likely, John L replace right into a huge guy, Corbett easily a mild heavy or in line with threat a pumped up middleweight. a real heavyweight might desire to have an important benefit over a smaller guy, so it extremely is logical to assume John L in best actual concern might have taken Corbett in comparable concern. it extremely is not any secret that alcohol abuse, adverse training behavior and age contributed a great deal to John L's decline. blended those factors have been fantastically lots inescapable reward for the smaller Corbett. in the adventure that your no longer in shape, your expertise is wasted.

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