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9th inning situation: What would you do?

This is a hypothetical because I was playing a sim game, but one I take very seriously so I'm interested on how others would've handled this.

Playing as Braves, at Cincinnati. Up 4-3, bottom 9.

Craig Kimbrel on the mound, Eric O'Flaherty in bullpen

2 Outs. Paul Janish at 2B.

Joey Votto batting, having a very Votto season

Jay Bruce on deck, Ramon Hernandez in the hole.

What do you do? Do you pitch to Votto? Do you walk him? Do you bring in the lefty O'Flaherty to replace the insanely dominant Kimbrel? Other options? My decision didn't turn out well. Read Additional Details if you wanna peek at what I did.


I pitched to Votto and he tied it up---I won in 15 but couldn't stop second-guessing myself on pitching to Votto. I *NEVER* put the tying or winning run on intentionally, not even risking the Pitch Around option. Ever.

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    I think you did the right thing, Kimbrel is your closer, and he's a good one. I would have gone right at him, and if he launches one, fine. He hit one off your best man in the 'pen. After that though, I would have brought in O'Flaherty for Bruce.

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    You pitch to Votto.....because in baseball you never put the winning run on base.

    Kimbrel still fresh? He was brought in to close the you leave him in.

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