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Anonymous asked in Social SciencePsychology · 9 years ago

Why cant life be beautiful like a movie?

In movies things always get solved and everyone is satisfied. In life everything is left unsaid and you don't know where you stand. Nothing gets solved, you might die and never know the answers to your questions

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  • 9 years ago
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    Well not everything is going to work out, but of you want things to work out you have to work for them, things aren't just handed to you, you know... *someone comes out with a silver platter* "free cookies" sorry just kidding, any way, you have to work for what you want in real life, sometimes like in movies, other times not so much...

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Then ask.

    Life isn't that hard, be honest(speak the truth without judgment), truthfull(speak up for what's right, ask what you need to know), active(being on the ball, means you are in control, and can be in charge of what happens, and where life takes you), and care about people, and what happens(have compassion, and empathy, do right, expect the right thing to be done), and you can have your movie life.

  • 9 years ago

    Because Movies are Fiction & Life's Non-Fiction. Life is a *****, you have to get over it.

  • 9 years ago

    Your life is a genuine real movie and you can try and make it as beautiful as you want. In fictional movies everything is arranged in a plot with those exciting or appalling ingredients that the more shallow populace hopefully wants to see and to fantasize and to chat about.

    Your own real life is engaged in a dynamic dreamy venture of yours, within the vicissitudes or adventures of your life. Your real life may never be boring because you don't know where you really stand, and you have to ever be vigilant cunning, perhaps having to more adopt the style of the proverbial astute good old fox for your own survival. You might die while along the ventures or adventures of your life and there may be questions that did not reach to get their answer. Within all this, within much uncertainty and fierce struggles, you may never have time or the chance to get bored.

    You may never get bored because you are living with the uncertainties of making your dreams real; you never get bored because you are ever preparing for changes, for a metamorphosis, even for a sequel of wondrous or weird metamorphoses perhaps never thought of before that will be leading you on into a great apotheosis of glowing certainty and of delicious as if perennial bliss.

    You might try and adopt more the attitude of good old God thinking that when He saw that He was in absolute perfection and certainty, He got bored; then as a remedy unto His boredom He decided and created an immense cosmos still with great order and perhaps much beauty but with an immensity of uncertainties and of dangers for whatever life-forms that were in it; in His cosmos He created your own little world with a primeval risk of transgression, thus of sin; a world where the serpent could induce the woman, and then you, to forget the holy prohibition from God.

    Your all-almighty all-knowing good old human-looking God was thinking of all that, of that movie, of that artful magic creation, of "maya", of two humans necessary unto one another, and thus of a treacherous serpent and then of all the ferocious voracious beasts and of nasty viruses and of even more nasty human foes thus that the movie no longer was boring beautiful but ever risky bloody dangerous deadly thus that your almighty God might not get bored and also that you might not end up within the inanity of absolute perfection.

    Thus your movie, the movie of your own life, is filled with uncertainties, with dangers, with unanswered questions, with unfair rivals, with nasty foes, with the ever present risk that you might die while not making your glowing dreams real.

    Dear good friend of ours within the wider bounds of this great cyberspace, thus also things may go in the movie of your own personal life. But you might try and be a bit above and a bit beyond all the things that go on being unsaid, a bit beyond and above the answers that you did not get, for thus to more diligently more daringly get on co-working at building up, or more ardently adding up to, some great events and some good perhaps wonderful memories for a future; wonderful memories for your own future!

    Thus ... in your necessary interactions with others, in your interactive negotiations with others within family, with lover, with boss, with colleague, with friend and or with good stranger against difficulties, facing challenges, against unfair rival, against nasty foe, against impostor or detractor or dirty pervert, you are more the good actor, more the fiercer hardy daring higher flying co-pilot unto your own future, unto your own destiny.

    That would be the beautiful glowing movie of your own life; do also all the while be seeking for chances of lots great merry laughs in loving company or more sublimely all on your own.

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