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The significance of wool socks and/ or rabbit hair socks?

HI, I heard a lot of pros about wool socks. I also saw a lot of different percentage of wool that makes up socks, such as 50% wool, 37% wool and so on and so forth. I would like to know if I have to wash it each time I use it or can I wash it after wearing it a few times? What I mean by a few times is 5 hours a day for a few days without washing it?

Aside from that, I also came across socks that are made out of rabbit hair. I do not know much about them as I am unable to find any information about rabbit hair socks. I would like to know its significance and if there are sites for cheap or cheaper wool and/or rabbit socks.

I would also like to know is it the more wool% the better the quality it will keep moisture out of your feet, thank you. Oh wait one more, I heard about different types of wool? Does it make a difference? And also, different kinds of wool socks for different activities?

Thank you

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    Never put socks on two days in a row. Your feet will smell! Bacteria and fungal growths will get into the fiber of your socks with your sweat, and every day you wear the socks you'll feed the bacteria and fungus. You will have trouble getting the smell out of the socks. Wear socks once only and then wash them well before you wear them next.

    Rabbit fur or angora is very soft. I don't think it stands up to wear as well as wool. It has shorter fibers which makes it less tough. Merino has log fibers and lasts and lasts. More wool is better.

    Bamboo makes a very soft fibre that retains its softness and also it doesn't hold moisture near the feet. You can get bamboo socks.

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    Wool socks are the best anytime of year. Last november I bought socks at a discount store for about 4 bucks a pair. Merino wool is very soft. Don't wear your sox for too many days in a row. That stretches and then tears them.g

    Source(s): And buy them a bit large so they can be put in the washer. We do, on cold or warm.
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    For the best answers, search on this site

    wool socks keep your feet warm even when they are wet

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