In the movie, He's Not That Into You, why does Scarlett Johansson....?

Why does Scarlett Johansson get mad at her married lover in his office and tells him he's a sorry excuse for a man and that she'll never let him touch her again? This happens after his wife Jennifer Connelly leaves his office. Apparently, Scarlett Johansson had been hiding in the closet. I had to take a phone call just now and I missed that scene.

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    He told her to hide in the closet for a second, but then his wife came in and tried to secduce him. Jennifer Connelly gets on top of him while he's sitting in his chair and asks him if he wants to make their marriage work. He says Yes.. They then start having sex. All while Scarlett J. is listening and hiding in the closet. She gets upset that he made her stay in there the whole time while he had sex with his wife. (They were just about to before she knocked, if you saw that)

    He's such a creep in that movie, but I really like that movie too.

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    The husband and wife had sex with her hiding in the closet.

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