Last names for characters?

All right, I'm working on a little project and this site has helped me with last names before. So be prepared for a list of names.

The first last name has to fit the names Leo, Logan, and Ryann, they're all family.

Second one is a guy named Skylar who's close to Ryann.

Next are Ryann's friends Miki, Sydney, and Dominique, all girls all different families.

Next is Victor (Ryann's bad boyfriend) and his sister Beverly, a really nice girl.

Then there's Aiden who's protective of Ryann.

Then there's Alec and Arthur, they're brothers and good friends of Leo's.

Then there's Remy who's like a big brother to all the of them except of course Victor.

Lastly there's Bishop who's a good friend of Victor's but pretty much an evil scumbag.

So, if anyone has any helpful last names, I'd be grateful for the input!

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    Leo Duprey. Leo Montgomery. Leo Delaware. Leo Foster.

    Logan Duprey. Logan Montgomery. Logan Delaware. Logan Foster

    Ryann Duprey. Ryann Montgomery. Ryann Delaware. Ryann Foster.

    Sklylar Windstorm. Skylar Johnson. Skylar Hayward. Skylar Sway.

    Miki Turner. Miki Lovelace. Miki Davidson. Miki Lockwood.

    Sydney Caruso. Sydney Morasco. Sydney Archer. Sydney Armstrong.

    Dominique LaRue. Dominique Ocean. Dominique Foxx. Dominque Roche'.

    Victor Drake. Victor Phoenix. Victor Mendosa. Victor Scorpio.

    Beverly Drake. Beverly Phoenix. Beverly Mendosa. Beverly Scorpio.

    Aiden Rosano. Aiden Delacroix. Aiden Caldwell. Aiden Garcia.

    Alec Thompson. Alec O'Brien. Alec Sparks. Alec Russell.

    Arthur Thompson. Arthur O'Brien. Arthur Sparks. Arthur Russell.

    Remy DeCarlo. Remy Miller. Remy Jones. Remy Nicholson.

    Bishop Crawford. Bishop Grey. Bishop Gellar. Bishop Crane.

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    8 years ago

    I'm a pro writer and have the hardest time coming up with names, but I'm aware that if I put too much importance on it, then I don't get any writing done!

    It's an excuse to get out of writing that your sub-conscious puts up. You stop cold, trying to figure out the *perfect* name and nothing ever seems right.

    What you do is pick something simple and easy like "Smith" or "Jones" and make it your "working name" for the character.

    This tells your subconscious, which doesn't want to work, that you're NOT taking any nonsense from it, that you WILL be writing today.

    And as though by magic, sooner or later, the prefect name for that character will pop into your head.

    It's weird, but it works.

    Now pay special attention to this:

    Make sure each character's name starts with a different letter and doesn't rhyme with that of another like Pam and Sam. Once you use up a letter, cross it off.

    You have a Leo and a Logan--change one. You may not be confused, but your editor and readers will totally mix them up.

    Ditto for your Aiden, Alec, Arthur trio. Again, it's a rookie error to use the same letter on names. Keep the name you like best, but change the other two. You may think the names are too important to change, but your future editor won't. She will tell you to change them--or simply reject the story.

    You may not be able to escape, either. I had two cousins, Louise and Laura. One was 45 and a brunette, the other 16 and blond but I could NOT keep them straight! I kept calling the characters by the wrong names. I changed Louise to Emily and it all sorted out.

    You have a LOT of characters--eleven?? That's too many to keep track of, so have a "cheat sheet" over your desk with the names written out and their relationships to one another. I have a dozen major and minor characters in my current novel, but just three of them are being juggled in my head at any one time.

    If you're writing scenes with all 11 together--yikes. Not a job I'd want to take on and I've sold more than 20 novels. Just don't introduce them all in the first chapter or it won't be a book but a role-call + bio.

    And finally, Google your chosen names, first and last, before you settle on them. You might inadvertently have the name of someone famous you never heard of or someone on Facebook who might get annoyed.

    I was going to use the name "Vincent Pace" for a villain and found there was "Vincent Price" -- a famous actor who played lots of villains. Apparently my subconscious was having a trick on me! (I kept the name Vincent and gave him a different last name.)

    Here's a site I use a LOT to find good names. I found that even the street names can be useful. Have fun!

    And do not even consider using "Barnabas" should you see that new vampire movie. It's just too famous, and moms and grand moms will laugh. It's like naming a character Spock and daring people not to think of Star Trek.

    Good luck!

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