Anybody knows about MADONNA?


I have to write an article about Pop-stars.

Anybody knows about “MADONNA” the star?

Who promoted her?

The entire style suggests right wings – she imitates very old prototypes of “classically female temptation”.

But she bought songs that were already successful and sang them and distribute them.

In a way she “occupied the market” in order to create a start of her self.

Who was behind her?

Who invested money on her?

And why her?

And what purposes does she really serve?

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    You can read the article about how she started in wikipedia:

    But you do have a lot of misconceptions about her.

    Even before she became famous, she was already using sex or her sexuality as a way to seek validation for herself, to attract men's attention. it was her way of acting out her grief for her mom's early death and rebellion for her dad's remarrying. something not uncommonly seen in teenagers.

    and she's one of the most liberal singers around. she's pro-gay (i believe she's bisexual herself or dabbled in it) and quite irreverent towards established religion.

    she doesn't need to buy songs as she's a talented musician herself, collaborating on and writing most of the songs which made her popular. but she doesn't shy from jumping in the bandwagon either. when 'american pie' came out in a poll as one of the top songs of the century or something, she immediately made a cover of it.

    she did not "occupy the market to make a start for herself". she started her own band, sang her own songs, somebody noticed her talent, they cut an album, released a single, which became an underground hit from dance clubs and from there went on to superstardom.

    who was behind her? she is. madonna is a musical force to reckon with, even to this day.

    who invested money on her? per wikipedia, Sire Records founder Seymour Stein

    why her? she's got talent, period. watch her live video of jump on youtube

    Youtube thumbnail


    and that undefinable thing called charisma. she certainly can draw in the crowds.

    what purpose does she really serve? she defines our times. this age, now. because that is what real art does. it's a way of saying, we human beings are at this stage in our evolution - what we have accomplished so far. this is how we are.

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