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are house spiders poisonous?

i found a black and white spider and it was on my foot. it has a white stripe and white dots on rear

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    All spiders are venomous (they are not poisonous) and something like this will be quite harmless.

    Although they can bite if say trapped against the skin or between fingers. spiders you will find indoors will likely do little more than cause a brief discomfort and maybe a lingering itch.(like an ant sting)

    I can't identify your little friend from your description, maybe a grass spider or common house spider.

    If it looks like one with a big round butt (abdomen) it is likely just a house spider. they are not prone to bite, even playing with them. they will likely just play dead or try to web off your hand.

    Source(s): UC Irvine, entomology
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    All spiders are "poisonous," but very few have enough venom to worry about. There are no major house spiders I can think of that would require serious medical attention aside from a brown recluse or a black widow (neither of which would match your description), and they are not so bad themselves. You have a 99% chance of surviving a black widow bite (contrary to popular belief) and there has never been a single, medically recorded death by a brown recluse (also contrary to popular belief). If it bit you, try to research the spider. If it seems venomous, don't wash the wound and ask a doctor. If not, wash the wound well.

    Source(s): I <3 spiders
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    I was bitten by a spider at home four years ago.

    i spent 15 days in the hospital, 5 in intensive care.

    I went into septic shock and nearly died.

    i was haluccinating, vomiting constantly, in and out of consciousness.

    And I STILL have medical problems over it.

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    there are only two deadly venomous spiders in Australia, the red back spider and the white tail spider.

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    Think of it this way. You have a better chance of getting killed by a champaign cork than a poisonous spider

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    House spiders are not poisonous.

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