How do I get blockbuster on my dish network?

I have blockbuster free for 3 months on my dish network but I don't know how to get it on my tv. I have it on my computer but how do I get on it with my tv please help me.

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    8 years ago
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    To access the Blockbuster@home you need a broadband connection with at least 4 MBPS speed, as well as an HD DVR. Press the DVR key on the remote and select Blockbuster@home and show results. Select the movie you want and then select watch now. If you have any issues send me an email at:

    Daniel Busa

    DISH L.L.C.

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    Blockbuster At Home

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    We just recently had a receiver exchange due to an old malfunctioning receiver. I received a new receiver, no problem and while visiting with the representative I asked about Blockbuster and am receiving it how ever it was not mentioned that I would need a HD DVR to get this service tha I am now paying for. Can you all help correct this issue?

    Thank You,

    Kathy Boughner

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    5 years ago

    Hope this helps!

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