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What to say & do ?. 10 points (:?

Long Story Short . My Boyfriend asked me out feburary 6th .. we've been off like 2 or 3 times ? but we've somehow managed to get through it and stay together..

the last time we broke up, i was the one who broke up with him because shcool is almost over & we arent going to the same school and we arent going to be able to see eachother over the summer ..

at a dance he asked me back out and asked if we could stay together till the last day .. our last day is on wendsday andon that day we have a field trip to wet n wild .!

i don't know how to swim & i don't know what to do because friend #1 wants me to hang out with her.. friend #2 wants me to hang out with him & so on so on ... should i hang out with my boyfriend since its our last day ?

but its also my last day with my friends as well

what should i say after the fieldtrip ?

idont know what should be the last words i say to my boyfriend :|

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    Don't break up with him. Doesn't mean you both can't see each other that you breakup. Keep in contact with him & go with both tell your friend my boyfriend is gonna hang out with him & tell your boyfriend your friend is gonna hang out with you both. Than tell him your gonna miss him. Kiss & hug. & if you guys can hangout out side school after the trip than do so. Hope this helped. Goodluck <3.

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    Friends last longer than boy friends ,,,,have fun with your friends...they wil be the one you will always need in the end when boyfriends move on and they will..... I promise that is true x

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