Whats the best self-defense weapon?

If someone or a group of individuals came up to me and tried jumping me, I was wondering what is the best possible self-defense weapon on the market. I want something that is legal, but will protect me against about everything. I am a guy in New York if that helps. Thanks.

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  • 8 years ago
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    It's funny. I have walked through some of the biggest cities in the U.S., both by day and by night. In all of my years I have never - not once - experienced an event similar to what you are describing.

    It may have to do with the fact that when I walk around I have my head up and am looking at my environment. I am aware of the people around me and the "feel" of the neighborhood. I don't look like a victim. Your physical presence is the best self-defense weapon you can carry.

    Having said that, you live in New York. You cannot carry a firearm. If you do and you are found with it, you are in more trouble than the punks who you fear. I don't know New York law, but if it is legal, I would suggest pepper spray. Try www.redhotpepperspray.com Fox Labs and Defense Technology are two brands that we use at the prison where I work.

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    Source(s): How Defend Yourself http://netint.info/UltimateSelfDefenseGuide
  • Susan
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    4 years ago

    Any weapon you use will require that you be trained in its use or it may be ineffective, or easily be taken off you are used against you. As you need training, your first best weapon would be your hands as they will always be available. Train in Karate or JuJutsu styles. There is no such thing as a non-lethal weapon. You can kill with a finger or by hitting the temple with the edge of a can of mace. For self defense that meets conditions 1 and 2 you might try carrying a short stick the size of a long pen (or a pen). Again, training in the expert use of it is recommended. Unless you master something you will not do well in a fight (except by accident). There is no free lunch, make the effort. If you are robbed, say held up with a gun, the weapon that you use is the action of handing over your wallet. That’s what may save your life, not using that ‘weapon’ may lose your life. Weapons can be deceptive. Talking can be a weapon, also running away. A weapon is a tool or method that achieves your aim against opposition. Your first aim is to live. A secondary aim may be to defeat an opponent. But to do that you need the intent, the weapon and the skill to use it. Your opponent may be better at using a weapon than you are, how much has he practiced compared to you? You would need to be able to draw out your weapon before he used his; you drawing, he just pulls the trigger or stabs with the blade, who wins? Has he a mate behind you or nearby? Take a Self-Defense course and you may see just how easily a weapon can be taken off you. There is also the use of strategy or deception, such as being disarming to disarm.

  • 8 years ago

    Keeping your cool. Before using the blade, bullet, bat, etc. consider what ya have going on. If a group of people or somebody were to jump you chances are you could've avoided the situation all together. Not saying to be a passifist but if you see suspicious activity ahead, take a different route if you can. Remember no matter what weapon you have on hand or combat you know, there's risk that the enemy will get the upperhand and may cost you your life, plus if you get the upperhand there are some dishonest lawyers that are great at twisting the facts making you look like an angry terrorist on drugs. Overall, any weapon should do but the best is to be peacable and avoid if possible.

    Source(s): Like my Intro to Psych. professor would say "A/E" or Affect over Effect.
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  • 8 years ago

    The best SD is between your ears. Train it. Then learn to see the signals of crime before you walk into it.

    Actually jumped? Too late. Legalities are moot then. What ever you are most comfortable using. Be sudden. Be brutal. Get then in the face. Then RUN! A NICE sharp blade. Blooding them works better close than any gun. Especially in the face. You strike their identity and their body. A two-fer. Makes them break off. You get to run. Don't even bother waiting nor calling police.

  • Ben K
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    8 years ago

    Chuck Norris

  • 8 years ago

    What you do is, you stay the hell out of places where you're likely to run into gangs like that. Otherwise, don't go wandering around by yourself. But a weapon? Unless you're a legally appointed police officer or have a license for a weapon, you'll get in trouble twice: first when that gang kicks your butt and a second time when the court kicks your butt for illegal possession of a weapon. Therefore, refer back to option one.

  • Alan
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    8 years ago

    A ******** Katana. S.hit's expensive, but NO-ONE apart from Ninjas and Bruce Lee would attempt an attack.

    Or, try a switchblade. Or learn some good fighting techniques. The martial arts take a while to learn, in the meantime learn how to land a good punch, pressure points, stuff like that.

  • 5 years ago

    Knives no doubt.

    In my opinion, pocket knives are the best tool for self defence which could find a place in your pocket as well and gets ready fro action in no time in case of any unforeseen emergencies.

  • 5 years ago

    your best self defence is not to carry or ware stuff that will attract problems like i drive a 99 corolla no buddy is going to bother me if i don't looking like i have money not like the person in that brand new suv or bmw

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