ww2 cutural affect on canada?

what was the cultural effect on canada?

what did ww2 do to canada's culture?

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  • George
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    8 years ago
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    The Second World War changed Canada forever.

    WE went from being a mainly agricultural nation, to a industraialised one in five years. WE moved from the farms to the towns and cities, and learned skills and trades, in the military that we used later in civilian life.

    Our national transport system was hugely expanded, and we built over 300 new air fields for the British Air Training program that saw over 135,000 men trained in Canada, to be pilots and air crew. They came from 35 different nations, to Canada, to learn to fly.

    WE built up our armed forces from a very small beginning to a huge force and supplied them with all the food, clothing, equipment and weapons they needed to use, and then we fed and armed a number of other nations, including the UK . By the end of the war, WE were the third largest navy in the world, as well as the third largest air force, and we had built over ONE MILLION military trucks, for our own army and that of the UK, and the Soviets, too.

    Canada was for ever changed by that war, but not only in a positive way. We LOST a whole generation of young Canadian men who died. They COULD have been the leaders and scientists that we needed later, but they lay buried in far off places, never to come home again. That was the COST of that war.

  • walko
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    4 years ago

    The Bomber Command air bombing offensive against Germany , which raged during the completed conflict. Very heavy casualties. additionally, a large training infrastructure had to be outfitted, a number of which nevertheless exists as airports and production centres.

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