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help with math pleaseee dont have to do alll?

A building has a rectangular base. the length of the base is 75 feet less than the width. The perimeter equals 900 ft. what are the dimensions of the base.

The Palmyra Triangle has a perimeter of 3200miles. The Side of the middle length is 3 times as long as the shortest side. the longest side is 4 times as the middle side. Whats the shortest side.

Baseball players got a total of 318 hits. John had 6more than bill. What did john and Bill both get?

Scores from 20.9 in 1977 to 21.4 in 1986 what is the % increase

what is last years salary if, after 3% pay raise and this years salary is 36050$

You paid 4736.89$ with a 7% sales tax's. what is the amount of tax paid?

110000 is invested some is put in a CD and earns 4% and the rest in savings bond and earns 7% total interest is 660 how much was made from the CD.

Someone wants to mix a solution that is 8% minoxidil. She has 70ml of a 2% solution and wants to add 10% solution to get a 8% solution. how much should she use of the 10% solution?

How many quarts of pure antifreeze(100%) should be added to 9 quarts of 20% anitfreeze to get a 40% solution of antifreeze?

A box of 42 coins number of pennies=dimes total value = 4.65? what is the number of quarters and pennies and dimes.

39 coins some coins= 10$ the rest=20$ they all add up to 550$ how many 10$ and 20$

431 tickets were sold students paid 1.50 and adults paid 3.50. Total equal 972.50 what the total tickets sold for both.

a train leaves north at 55kilometers/hour another train leave south at the same time at 85kilometer/hour how long will it take them to get 420kilometers apart

truck enters the highway at 60mph and a car enters 12mins later at the same place going 67mph how long will it take for the car to pass the truck

to me 3.6 hours to get to my moms on wed moring. the next night it took me 4 hours. my speed was 3mph slower than wed. what was my average speed home.

two cities 2430 miles apart. a plane leaves on of the cities going 430mph another planes leaves the other city at the same time going 380mph how long will it take them to meet.

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    these are 16 word problems. i feel sorry for you as someone must have assigned them to you. bully of who-so-ever has done that...

    q16. the approach speeds will be sum of speeds.

    sum = 430+380 = 810 mph

    time = 2530 / 810 = 3 hours.

    so, they meet after 3/2 hours i.e 90 minutes.

    q 13 to 16 are similar


    q6: amt paid includes tax at 7 % . so amount is the cost + tax .

    so, 4736.89$ involves 100 % cost + 7 % tax = 107%

    107% of x = 4736.89

    x = 473689/107 = 4427

    so, tax paid = 4736.89 - 4427 = $ 309.89

    q 4-9 are similar enough


    q1: let length = x

    width = x+75 ft

    Perimeter = 2*(l+w) = 900 ft

    2*(x + x+75) = 900

    4x + 150 = 900

    4x =750

    x = 750/4 = 187.5ft


    length = 187.50 ft0 ft

    width = 262.50 ft

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    Scores from 20.9 in 1977 to 21.4 in 1986 what is the % increase


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