Legal advice on paraphernalia and child endangerment..?

Rented a cabin in Morgan UT we were all packed up ready to go when the rangers pull up.Told cops they could not search my car. Said they don't need warrant for k9 to search. k9 signals its in my trunk. I tell them whats in my trunk a vaporizer, pipe and grinder, the weed was gone. They search and confiscate everything. The officer asked me if I had smoked today and I said ya this morning (I was holding my 1 yr old when he asked), however he did not ask if I was under the influence at that particular moment which was about 11:00 am The officer arrested me for paraphernalia and felony child endangerment which then both charges jump up a class because its in national park. When they searched all the stuff was in the trunk I was not high and my child did not have access to the marijuana...WTF? Also the vaporizor and grinder is technically my girlfriends so she is willing to admit that and has a receipt for it. If she was to acknowledge it was all hers would my charges be dropped?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Unfortunately no, but it might help your case, it does not matter whose it belongs to, if it's in your possession (being in your car, in your house, wherever) and your child is in that environment, he is deemed exposed to a potentially dangerous situation. for example: if a construction company has a bunch razorblades and you march your kid near them it does not matter whose they are. Just plead guilty to paraphernalia and remind them that your child had no access to the tools, and also that a pipe, vaporizer, ect. without any substance in it is not dangerous in any shape or form.

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