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is roberts dairy products organic?

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    In this day and age, the only hormone and antibiotic free dairy would be a cow you keep yourself. Dairy is very unhealthy in general. The level of saturated fat is attrocious and the protein. Dairy is lousy with bacteria. Dairy does kill animals too. The economics of the dairy industry (in this country at least) are based upon taking the calves from the mother at birth so that people can have the milk. The male calves are killed almost immediately if they are lucky. Those who become veal are fed an iron defficient diet to keep them anemic and are kept in restricted crates where they cannot move to keep their muscles soft. As PETA says, there is a little bit of veal in every glass.

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    8 years ago

    Dairy isn't organic. Organic referes to the way "plant" foods are grown and farmed. No pesticides or fertilizers and stuff like that. If you want an equivalent to organic with dairy then you need to buy the hormone and antibiotic free dairy.

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