Fans of classic psychedelic/space rock, what do you think of..?

..Neil Merryweather?

Honestly don't know anything about this guy.. so.. to Wikipedia I go!

"Neil Merryweather (born Robert Neilson Lillie on December 27, 1945 in Winnipeg, Manitoba) is a Canadian rock singer, bass player and songwriter. He has recorded and performed with musicians including Steve Miller, Dave Mason, Rick James and Wilson Pickett." (lol his name was Dick Lillie)

The only thing I'm sure of is that he's still alive and recording. He released an album in 2009 called "Hundred Watt Head". Pretty cool stuff; unfortunately, none of the album, from what I can see, is available on YouTube. >: l

This stuff's mainly from his 1975 LP entitled "Kryptonite".

Neil Merryweather - "Star Rider"

Youtube thumbnail

Neil Merryweather - "Kryptonite"

Youtube thumbnail

Neil Merryweather - "Give It All We Got"

Youtube thumbnail

Neil Merryweather - "Sole Survivor"

Youtube thumbnail


MQ: Opinion of Merryweather, given the above examples or if you've previously heard of him?

MQ2: Rate each song that you gave a listen.

MQ3: Favorite psychedelic/space rock band/artist?



Not sure why the "(lol his name was Dick Lillie)" was there. O_O/scared

Update 2:

Hawkwind is most certainly of the psychedelic and space rock genre. They were.. well, pioneers of the genre. xD!

I am also familiar with Greenslade.

Sorry to disappoint you with his music! XD

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  • Amy
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    8 years ago
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    Hi Sheepy!

    1. Star Rider: 8/10.

    It's a great song if you let it play, and quite varied. I do love little details, such as the effect at 2.33. I also enjoyed the wild guitaring that somehow seemed at the background rather than the forefront, which was pretty interesting in itself.

    2. Kryptonite: 10/10.

    I liked the start, and was hoping I wouldn't be dissapointed. I wasn't, and this is a great song, damn. It's a find actually. If you look at that cover when he's singing "Kryptoniiiiite"! It's even better.

    3. Give It All We Got: 9/10.

    The music in this one was just great. I loved the synth and the little toucheds like the clapping. But all that was overshadowed by the drumming- wow. Somehow I found the vocals at the start a very slight distraction.

    4. Sole Survivor: 7/10.

    This recording is a bit more polished than the others, and they've really gone about this one differently like the attack part. I did enjoy the mad cap sounds like the bugle and the out of control train, but despite the calming break from 6.10, I found this one a bit too much of an adventure for my liking.

    MQ3. Wolf & Cub

    BQ. Righteous.

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  • ?
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    Hi Sheep!

    I hope your're having a good day??!!

    First things first. I was going to give the songs, marks out of 10 ( Mike style ) .

    I got onto the first song Star Rider. I listened for a few minutes, then I began

    to panic. I couldn't get off the blasted page. I was locked on it; literally!!lol!!

    Trying to retain my sanity, I've decided to miss N.M's aural delights.

    The first song Sheep, it was to me dire. Edgar Broughton Band are

    world beaters in comparison to this bloke. E.B. they were a weird old

    lot, you missed some fun there I can tell you. Star Rider, I'd award it a 3!

    Favourite psychedelic / space rock band? Over here we don't categorise all music.

    The nearest I can think of and; I may be wrong? Hawkwind. They to me are okay, that's about it.

    Did you look up Greenslade? I mentioned them a few weeks back. They were quite good, saw 'em live, good show.

    Source(s): Music lover, good luck!
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  • zilva
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    Really great stuff and it's something new to me.

    Few less known tracks that I like:

    Aphrodite's Child - The Four Horsemen

    Youtube thumbnail

    Frank Zappa - Willie the Pimp

    Youtube thumbnail

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