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Can you used Martha Stewart chalkboard paint on glazed ceramic mugs?

I have a mug that I want to paint with Martha Stewart chalkboard paint but I'm afraid it's already glazed. I tried to find the Pebeo but literally no where has it. Will it work? I was thinking I was going to sand down the glaze to make it more porous, but I literally have no idea what to do. And mother's day is obviously tomorrow and my brilliant plan isn't working...let me know!

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    What i am afraid is that it is not safe to drink from the mug. I am pretty sure it will work. However it won't be easy to get a smooth surface since the cup is curve

    also i am not 100% sure those paint doesn't contain heavy metal that will harm your health

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    Sure you can, but it might not be able to be washed. Perhaps a mug for arranging a posy of flowers.

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