How Can I Pass Calculus?

I have one more course in university to get my degree: Introductory Calculus.

I took the course in high school and failed. Then I did in in university, and I failed. How can I pass? I have had several tutors, studied for hours on my own and with tutors, done all assignments (and done decently well on them), but when it comes to the final exam, I am a hair short of passing (High 40%s). I really want to pass, what am I missing?

Please help!

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  • 8 years ago
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    What helped me pass Calculus (I was kinda in the same boat - third time taking it) was to create a study group. I explained how I got all my answers to other people - and sometimes (ok, lots of times) I was wrong. One of the guys in the group would correct me and show me my mistakes, but it was because I was explaining it to him (not him explaining it to me) that I did well. I also looked at Youtube, Harvard and MIT lectures online. Sometimes these helped, sometimes they didn't.

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  • 8 years ago

    You gotta make sure you understand the concepts. The first time I took Calculus I failed, but I did learn how to compute derivatives, anti-derivatives, and do optimization problems. The second time I took it, I committed to remember every thing, that is every theorem, Rolles Theorem, Mean Value Theorem, Squeeze theorem, properties of limits, derivatives, and integrals. I studied probably 2-3 hours a day, depending on how difficult the material was.

    When doing the homework, I recommend to keep working on it until your answers are correct, if you are able to check the back of the book. The least you can do is to work until you get them right, if not work to never get them wrong.

    Another tip is before exams, practice on review problems, and on the night before get as much sleep as you can.

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    8 years ago

    Go to and take a look at the math tutor DVD series reviewed on the home page. This series has a course for Calculus. Maybe this will help.

  • 8 years ago

    Calculus concepts are rather difficult grasp at first, but it sounds like you're beginning to understand them. Keep at it, don't give up!

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  • mdgor1
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    8 years ago

    have a look at his site. it has a huge section on calculus, it's free, and while i'm going through things with my sons it makes sense. my boys have been using it since September and their grades are far better than i expected and far ahead of most in their classes.

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