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1.因為從小習慣就白天精神比較差,尤其是下午。2.我會馬上做困難的工作,因為我不想拖到最後.3.我會記錄在手機裡面,一大早就會看一下今天有甚麼事情要做.4.我覺得優點是:讓人感覺到自由無拘束 缺點是:沒有隱私5.Are you the type of a person who workswell when they have to work to a deadline?6.我希望可以當空姐,但是這工作需要有一定的身高外貌和外語能力7.上一次和父母大吵架是在選填大學志願的時候,我喜歡的科系和他們喜歡的不一樣,但後來我妥協了8.上禮拜,不小心將飲料弄倒,灑到朋友身上,還好只有一點點.大多都撒在地上9.去年生日 我收到朋友送我很喜歡但沒有買的衣服和鞋子10.大概3封,都是廣告簡訊,和朋友都用app或直接打電話,很少用簡訊11.會故意耍任性引起別人的注意力12.如果他沒打電話先通知我會遲到,我只會等半小時.但是如果有先說會遲到,大概一小時.13.深思熟慮並且考慮雙方的家庭互動後,才願意結婚.為了孩子著想,我覺得結了婚,我就不會想要離婚14.我通常會看 書封面和封底上的文字,來決定我是不是要看這本書15.非常緊張,因為我上次期末考聽力分數非常糟糕,所以很擔心這次的口試成績.


1-15 是要翻譯成英文 然後 只有第五題是要幫我回答成英文 ,(麻煩順便告訴我你答案的中文意思, 答案不需要太長,盡量簡單一點 謝謝)

因為這是口試要講的答案 ,會依文法給分 可以口語化 沒關係...

所以文法不能錯得太離譜 謝謝 :)

thank you ^^

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非常感謝妳喔 :) 主旨可以幫我 著名一下是 英文答案嗎 ? 這樣我比較好找 謝謝你 :)

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    1.因為從小習慣就白天精神比較差,尤其是下午。 Because since I was a child, my energy in the day time have been poor, especially in the afternoon.

    2.我會馬上做困難的工作,因為我不想拖到最後. I would do the difficult work right away because I don’t want to dragging the thing not doing until last day.

    3.我會記錄在手機裡面,一大早就會看一下今天有甚麼事情要做. I would take a note in my cell phone, and take a look at what I should do at the beginning of the day.

    4.我覺得優點是:讓人感覺到自由無拘束 缺點是:沒有隱私 I think my advantage is : making people feel free. My disadvantage is : without privacy.

    5.Are you the type of a person who works well when they have to work to a deadline? Yes, I think so. Because if I have to work to a deadline, I would let the task be done as soon as possible. Also, I would care about the quality about what I have done. 是的,我認為如此。因為若有期限的壓力,我必定會盡早完成任務。此外,我也會注重執行品質!

    6.我希望可以當空姐,但是這工作需要有一定的身高外貌和外語能力 I hope I can be an air hostess, but I have to meet the standards of height, appearance, and foreign language abilities.

    7.上一次和父母大吵架是在選填大學志願的時候,我喜歡的科系和他們喜歡的不一樣,但後來我妥協了 The last time I have a argument with my parents was that when I was picking my major subjects for college, I have different point of view with them. But, I conceded at last.

    8.上禮拜,不小心將飲料弄倒,灑到朋友身上,還好只有一點點.大多都撒在地上 Last week, I sprayed the drink on my friends unintentionally. It was luck that most of which was sprayed on the ground.

    9.去年生日 我收到朋友送我很喜歡但沒有買的衣服和鞋子 I received clothes and shoes which I like, but I didn’t but them from my friends as my birthday gifts last year.

    10.大概3封,都是廣告簡訊,和朋友都用app或直接打電話,很少用簡訊 About three messages. Most of which were advertisements. I usually contact with friends with app, or phone. I seldom sending messages.

    11.會故意耍任性引起別人的注意力 I would being self-willed to catch others’ attention.

    12.如果他沒打電話先通知我會遲到,我只會等半小時.但是如果有先說會遲到,大概一小時. If he didn’t call me that he will be late, I will only wait for him for 30 minutes. But, if he has told me in advance, I will wait for him for about 1 hour.

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    1.Childhood habits on the relatively poor during the day and the spirit, especially in the afternoon

    2.I'll do a difficult job, because I do not want to wait until the last

    3.I will be recorded in the inside of the phone, early in the morning will look at what to do

    4.I think the advantages are: to make people feel free unfettered shortcomings are: lack of privacy


    6.I hope I can a flight attendant, but this is a job that requires a certain height appearance and foreign language skills

    7.Last big quarrel with their parents the optional university volunteer time, I like the department and their favorite is not the same, but then I compromise the

    8.Last week, be careful not to prostrate the drinks, sprinkle to a friend who, fortunately only a little. Most Scattered on the ground

    9.Birthday last year I received a friend sent me liked but did not buy clothes and shoes

    10.About 3, are advertising newsletter, and friends use the app, or a direct call, rarely use SMS

    11.Deliberately playing the wayward arouse the attention

    12.If he did not call the first notice I would be late, I only half an hour, but if there is first said would be late about an hour

    13.Thoughtful and considered both sides of the family interactions, be willing to get married. For our children sake, I think married, I would not want a divorce

    14.I usually reading the text on the front and back cover, determined me not to look at this book

    15.Very nervous, because my last final exam of hearing is very bad score, so very worried about the oral test

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