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How will a poor person purchase health insurance when Patient Protection Affordable Care Act goes into effect?

Where will they get the money if they can barely pay their bills? What will happen in 2014?

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    In 2014 the individual mandate to buy insurance will offer policies from an inusrance exchange which cost less, comparable to group rates at work. Thats why there is a mandate so there is a pool of people, not just sick and older people buying insurance which contributes to higher rates. When you buy insurance you get a tax credit when you file your return if your income is under $88,0000 annually. You will choose a policy with just the coverage you want and one that fits your budget. If you are low income you can claim a hardship exemption. If the Medicaid expansion is upheld in the Supreme Court you may be eligible for it if you are single and under 65 with income of under $15,000. Heretofore to qualify for Medicaid you could not be single and between 21 and 65 unless you met other criteria.

    Source(s): Read the 2014 provisions
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    They won't have to purchase it, because they will get it for free. Only a person with the money to pay for it (or with a religious objection to accepting the offer of free insurance) will have to pay for it. Anyone who can't afford to pay anything for it will be allowed to get it without paying.

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    Frankly, the Democrats plan on them being uninsured, or on welfare health insurance. And it doesn't matter very much, because those very same people will STILL be voting democratic.

    What will happen in 2014? Insurance rates will go up roughly 50%. Lock in your rates NOW.

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    people who make under a certain amount will NOT have to buy it,, weather they get it for free I do not know.

    just like business that have under a certain number of employee will not have to buy it for their employees.

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