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How to make blue cupcakes with a yellow swirl?

Okay so for my babyshower i am making cupcakes, my best friend is hosting, i want to make blue cupcakes then with a bright yellow swirl in them, and then green frosting, i'm having a boy btw lol. Does anybody know how i can do this?

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    Here is what I would do:

    make a white cake batter and remove like 1/3 of it and dye it yellow. Then I would dye the rest of the batter blue.Then fill your cupcake cups with the blue batter and drizzle the yellow on top. use a tooth pick to create the swirls. This way the yellow will bake and actually stay as a yellow swirl and not just meld into the rest of the cake in the oven.

    The other thing I would suggest is rather than using food dye to dye the batter use something natural like blueberries (if you like the flavor) and then make the yellow batter lemon flavored. you can easily make a blueberry sauce by just boiling frozen berries and sugar and then straining out the lumps. It will be VERY dark blue, almost purple though.

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    I wouldn't try to dye the sponge blue, it will go a yucky green colour. I'd dye the sponge yellow and then make baby blue butter icing and have a big swirl of baby blue icing on top!!

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    make your sponge mix as normal

    take out a few spoonfuls and colour that yellow

    colour the bigger amount blue and spoon into cases as normal

    put your yellow batter into a piping bag and push into the blue batter in the middle and squeeze, do that with all of them

    take a toothpick into the middle and swirl one way, all the way round

    bake as normal

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    You need to look for a cake decorating store (possibly also Walmart) for a paste food coloring. You will get the most consistent effect with that product. Look on for those stores near you.

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