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Major Issue in Brazil?

I have to write an essay about physical challenges and human factors affecting Brazil, and I have to choose one major issue to analyze. What is the biggest challenge Brazil is facing today? Also, if you could include some good websites I could use for research, that would be great! Thanks!!!

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    I'm brazilian, so you may find some gramatical mistakes here, but I'll try to answer your question.

    I'll tell you some of the issues we have in Brazil, and there are many (though they tend to be linked), and you can choose one to work with. Brazil is a rich country with poor people. There's still coronelism and slavery by debts. Few people own most of the lands that can be cultivated and there are lots of homeless people. they go to the cities looking for better life conditions but, without study, because most people are not educated (which is one of our biggest problems), they can't find jobs and have to find other ways to live. And so the criminality rates increase. The big owner of lands is an authority inside his territory, and the constitution is not followed if he doesn't want it to be. The police doesn't do a thing and these owners of land have great influence upon the government. That's because they hire lots of people to work in the plantations (when they don't slave them, that is) and they let the people live in their lands, and when there are elections in the country, they tell the people who to vote in if they don't want to be thrown out of the lands. But the vote is secret, so if the chosen polititian is not elected, everyone is thrown out. And it's common for the owners of lands to make use of slavery by debts. It works like this: the owner of lands goes to a state and "hire" people to work in his farm somewhere else. They transport the people to the farm and while they are there they have to get food from the owner's warehouse, since there is nothing near and they don't have money yet. When the people will receive the payment is when the owner says the person has to pay the prices of transportation (the one they used to get to the farm) and of all the food it got from the warehouse. But the salaries are too low and the person doesn't have enough money to pay, so it becomes a slave. The owner of lands hire people to persue and, if necessary, to kill the ones who try to run away. But that we usually hear from stories of people from this areas and people who manage to get away, because the journalists can't. Apart from that, Brazil has many problems with its health system. We have a public health service, but the government doesn't invest in it and many people die in the lines of the hospitals, waiting for a surgery. There are lots of people who stay more than 3 months in the line to make a heart surgery, for example. Corruption is one of our worst problems as well. It's so natural that a really popular saying about polititians around here is "He steals, but he does his job", and lots of corrupts are elected because of that line of thinking. That's because lots of brazilians are convinced that there is no such thing as an honest polititian, and that to vote rightly is to choose between the corrupts who would be best for the country, or at least to the person who is voting. That's one of the reasons why corrupt polititians are elected over and over again.

    About one of the answers for this question I saw earlier, it's true that Brazil has always exported lots of natural resources and rarely makes products with it. That's not an issue, at least for now. Brazil is focusing in making its agriculture better. That's how we've grown 'till now. It's because our lands are very good for lots of products and we are one of the country that exports them the most, when lots of other countries have stopped caring about that. The thing is: you may even live without a computer (it would be difficult) but you can't live without food. Other nations stop investing in agriculture and the prices of food and other resources increase, which is good for Brazil.

    Source(s): If you want to see statistics, you can always go to "", which is the site of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, (IBGE, in portuguese). Everything there is in portuguese, though. I don't know any site that would be in english.
  • From bits I read here and there:

    1) Crime is at its highest, so much so that a police helicopter was brought down less than a year ago by criminals.

    2) Many people wonder how it is that the government will manage the Olympic (or is the World Soccer event), or both, when crime seems out of control at times there.

    3) I personally read an article in a Spanish language paper last week which explains that experts believe Brazil's economy might be running out of steam, for the simple reason according to said experts that Brazil has made these three mistakes:

    a) Has exported a lot of "materia prima" (can't find the exact word in English and my mind is a little tired today), but I believe it refers to resources. Supposedly different than China which not only exports the materials, it also makes products with it and sells it, Brazil has only dedicated itself to exporting material, but not creating much with it.

    b) Has made it's currency really hard (meaning elevated price, I suppose), which they explain is great for Brazilians as they travel abroad, like here in the U.S. because that way they are able to purchase much more. But that it's horrible for Brazil exporters.

    c) SORRY, can't remember the third reason!

    Regarding websites, simply type in anything concerning Brazil and thousands will probably appear!

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