Was Ghost Hunter Grant having affair with Kris Williams? That's why the transfer to GHI and why he's leaving.?

Grant Wilson's wife found out and made him leave Ghost Hunters. Can anyone confirm this?

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    8 years ago
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    it was a feud that was started long ago, when I first heard him and Jason Hawes bashing a personal friend of mine on their now defunct radio program, “Beyond Reality”. They were accusing an associate of mine of faking a haunting, which they felt portrayed and made a mockery of the paranormal community. Quite frankly, after seeing their television program… thats exactly what my friend and I thought THEY were doing

    And so, my little personal feud between them and I began.

    You can read the rest .....http://timyancey.com/2012/02/grant-wilson-announce...

  • 5 years ago

    When the same question was asked on another site these 9 points were the official response from TAPS:

    1. Grant was not fired

    2. Grant did not leave due to health issues

    3. Grant did not leave due to a rift between himself and Jason Hawes

    4. Ghost Hunters is not being cancelled

    5. No new lead investigator is slated to take Grant's place.

    6. Grant will be pursuing other endeavors ie: graphic design, art, and music to name a few.

    7. Grant will not be an "active" member of TAPS at this time, but will assist Jason in other areas.

    8. Grant has no plans to make any upcoming personal appearances at this time.

    9. Grant will remain an active co-owner with Jason Hawes of their joint business venture The Spalding Inn.

    There is one that was left out. It involved Kris Williams. I will only add that the same fate fell upon the original GHI Lead investigator Robb Demarest, when she transferred to that team. Then remember the Barry Fitzgerald deal? All the 2-3 way hyjinx eventually killed the show.

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    Ghost Hunters Kris Williams

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    Kris Williams Ghost Hunters

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  • 5 years ago

    Yes indeed, and also Barry Fitzgerald! I know for a fact it was a bisexual threesome, and I heard that Barry was always the designated receiver. Gangs wife found t, but let it go because the money flying in was too much for her to leave behind. So the trio still goes on, they always go to Grant s Spalding Inn. Free rooms!

    Source(s): My wife is friends with Grant s sister
  • Jule M
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    8 years ago

    I posted a similar question about Grant and got no reply. I am not sure why he is leaving.

  • 5 years ago

    she was/ is a prn actress-c grade movies....unlike the very talented & Hot Donna Lacroix

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