Where is Nl? Is it really a Country of the United Nations?

The World is Lumbered with a Killing Machine on Department Global Office and only One Configuration ser by the Driverslicence that Netherlands Traffic Controls and I as my Identity have no Drivers licence.

What a sick joke and misplaced bunch of White collars and idiots.


Added issues are united states on doha and Russia in couplings Soviet Union is bigger platform solutios and organization.

Update 2:

When I wrote this the words weren't as garbled as they are today and I had no Idea The City Steel-masters of evil would sate a Black Mass on my Son's Birthday and defile Female Holy day in the big Tower Church on the Market of Arnhem. The stench of backing human flesh and human sacrifice traveled as far as to Presidia where smaragdina (Eric's twitter. Emeralds are Green) twitters politics at light speed economics. It is starting to look more and more serious. For a fact called computerization on the World and the share bases that I work for to give as much knowledge into the education net as the situation will allow. I am constantly under threat by the system who stops at nothing to kill braincells in the Mother Brain in Global Projects. They even invent extra stages through the Courts that have not been added into Law as system to keep me under control of psychiatrists that work with pharmaceutical solutions long since taken out of the Healing processes as I gather info

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  • 9 years ago
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    This is very truly.

  • 9 years ago

    Indeed it is a funny place, it is in the UN but is very quite due to the reasons you stated.

  • 9 years ago

    Moar word salad.

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